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Goodness. Occurrences of this nature wouldn't happen here in the UK ............would it?

I'm not sure exactly what response you are expecting here TTT - you seem to have fallen into an unpleasant habit of posting provocatively titled OP's and waiting for an argument, which you will then stoke beyond reason.

At this stage, I have nothing to add to that observation.

Good.  No messing.


 Actually, TTT, if a newbie or someone who's not a regular in News looked at that heading they wouldn't have a clue what you're on about.  

I dont have a clue what he is on about

Man waves knife and gets shot -  is that news? I suppose it might be

why are you so obsessed with what you call "the usual dance"? is it really so difficult to wait until actual information is available?

Question Author

I just enjoy all the BOJs squirming trying to defend TROP.

What's a BOJ?

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