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It's Another Cracker From The Religion Of Peace......

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ToraToraTora | 13:24 Fri 17th May 2024 | News
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I hope life really means life.

40 years was his sentence.

He'd be 85 when eligible to apply for parole.

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good to see that the trialogue has been reduced to dialog....

because he was ( is) mad

Lessons will be learned.


It was a mental health issue.


He was a freedom fighter (copyright sandyRoe).


It has nothing to do with Islam.


It's the fault of the Israel.


Take your pick from one (or more) of the above excuses.

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13:41, it's a minimum of 45 years.

it isn't going to do a thing for the people of gaza. this person is a zealot and a monster.

RIP terence carney... just out for his morning walk

Another who should be strung up....

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It's Another Cracker From The Religion Of Peace......

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