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Credit Where It's Due.....

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ToraToraTora | 09:05 Thu 25th Apr 2024 | News
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I welcome this though they must not fall into running it like the old BR. Massive overmanning and innefficiency etc. I've long said that the railways should be nationalised and subsidised. The money can come from motoring which is clearly far too cheap. Heading in the right direction. I couldn't ever vote Labour but they are making the right noises in some areas so it will be less painful when they get in.



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I want it but don't believe it will happen 


It's already happening. ScotRail and TfW plus LNER, Northern, Southeastern and TransPennine Express are all run by the government(s).


I would rather they took water back under government control.

Privatisation has been a disaster there.


Not for the directors and shareholders.


policy document here -

perhaps more interesting than what's in it, is what's not - no mention of Network Rail, no mention of electrification and the biggie, no mention of the rolling stock owners, most of whom are in the hands of venture capitalists.


Airlines lease their aircraft, supermarkets lease their lorries, I don't see a problem with leasing rolling stock.

Typical gov / civil service ineptitude - pay someone to take it off your hands, watch them fail, bail them out then buy back at a premium. Load of idiots!

And Labour v the rail workers' unions - don't even go there!  

All good to hear, except  where is the money coming from ? Are we not already in debt ? Aren't they going to nationalise the water companies first ? And ultimately can they be trusted wrt the EU etc. ?


(And motoring isn't cheap. But it's the only decent form of private transport in the game. A freedom much appreciated.)

Sadly though it's a non starter.  For one the Government (especially labour) will be in hock to the Union barons there will be no moving with the times and we will return to BR days.

Secondly Government (Civil servants) couldnt run a bath, so forget an efficient train service.  The money currently given to shareholders will pale into insignificance.

As for the rolling stock as I undertand it much of it is leased.

//And motoring isn't cheap. //

Yes it is, get the Hoi polloi into the scum scoops so the rest of us can travel easier without all the queues.

That just shows you have too much income to empathise with those less well off.

No, it means I can see the current way is not sustainable,

EV's will get rid of most though I suspect.

 I've long said that the railways should be nationalised and subsidised. The money can come from motoring which is clearly far too cheap.

TTT certainly has got the idea of: "lets do something and it will cost money" - and not necessarily be better

Secondly Government (Civil servants) couldnt run a bath,

yeah but no but..... Post Office ( sozza redbro!) and Thames water show that independent so called enterpreneurs need not necessarily do a better job

Worry not, YMB's just deputising for Tora who has been called away on urgent business. 😄

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Credit Where It's Due.....

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