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Is withdrawing consular services to their expats going to be a big deal - I wouldn't think so.

(not enough to persuade them to go and fight if they aren't so inclined) 

It's understandable but I suspect of little effect. Those wanted to get into the war will have already returned.  Those less keen will do without support for the duration, or maybe even apply for citizenship with the country they're presently in.

I can see why they want to do it.  You have the situation where some are fighting for their homeland risking life and limb with others running abroad who will no doubt come back, many into plum jobs, once the fighting is done.  

That is not fair either.

 limb with others running abroad who will no doubt come back, many into plum jobs, once the fighting is done.  

Historically happened after 1945 and caused a LOT of badfeeling

Many ( also 1914) resigned and joined up - they lost seniority in their firms - others negotiated leave to join up at their firms and THEIR jobs were kept warm, and they went back wiv 5 y seniority too boot

( occurred to relations in bofe Great War AND 2 WW)

It's one of the reasons why many of the "vulnerable" young men queuing up on the beaches in Northern France for a place in a rubber boat are there. They've similarly upped sticks from their homelands when there was a likelihood they might be conscripted.

Far from denying them consular assistance, the UK government provides them with food, shelter, pocket money and Legal Aid to fight through the courts to remain here. That's also not fair. 

If they get reallly desperate they could enlist women.

both decisions are understandable... the ukranian government has a duty to fight for their country's survival but that is not necessarily true of individual young men who may not be too keen to perish in a ditch in the donbass. i have neighbours in this situation and i would never begrudge them their choice because i truly have no idea what i would do in their situation. 

i don't fairness comes into it on either side... there are no fair outcomes here, only people desperately trying to do what they think is best. 

on the other side of it the average age of a ukranian soldier is 43 and they are massively outnumbered and outgunned... aid from the Usa has not been as reliable as they might like. that isn't sustainable. 

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It's ramped up massively if shamefully late. Tho it is fascinating to learn that Biden secretly included ATACMS missiles in the last package signed off around Christmas. With a lot more to come in the latest round of weaponry which seems to already be on the way. It will be two years perhaps before Ukraine can mount another counter offensive.

It was a big mistake not to conscript younger earlier. I cannot understand why Zelensky was reluctant to do so: no point saving the youth for tomorrow if there isn't going to be a tomorrow.

As to my own question: yes IMO fair but I agree it's likely to be less than effective.

1962 when we were ten - Cuba must have filtered froo to us, as we asked Papa if he would be called up !

in rural Darzet arrrrh ! - and he said - well I am over 50 so that is very unlikely, ( but I think said it had happened in germany in 1945 - sturm-foo-ers or something)   volksturm

but that was last gasp-ish

Biden secretly included ATACMS missiles.

I thought there must ( have been / be) some diddly-diddly and secret supply SO LONG as iit was agreed in the end ( near future)

The conversion of the (US) speaker is a wonderful thing.  - Not a power ( "no vote- I say so" ) that the HoC speaker has in London.

( I think you have a vote on a vote, and if the speaker says no tothat, you have a vote on a vote on a vote.... until he caves)


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"If they get reallly desperate they could enlist women."

There are a lot of women in the Ukrainian army: in marked contrast to the Russian army 

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