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Credit for what?  Scrapping gender recognition reforms or for saying Scotland could be independent in five years?  The first is commendable, the second highly unlikely.

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The headline says:

"Scotland's new leader John Swinney scraps controversial gender recognition reforms "

credit for raalisiing what a lot of horse droppings the whole thing is rather than wasting resources pushing it through.

That's what I a referring too.

"independence" is a non starter now.

If Scotland independance means they can rejoin EU.

.....I  hope they  achieve it. Good luck to them








Making a concrete common sense decision is to be applauded.

As for stating that 'Scotland could be independent in five years ...'

That's like saying - 'I will have a dinner date with Liz Hurley at the weekend ...'

Saying it doesn't make it happen, or even remotely likely to happen.

Independence remains the pipe dream of Scots who have an over-developed and misplaced sense of history and patriotism, and an under-developed sense of modern demographics and basic ecconomics.

The Gender thing he has no choice, and thats all he is saying. So no credit due whatsoever.

As for the Indipendance thats a shame, need them to go and stop dragging the rest of us down with their constant whining.

Need a new referendum for Scottish indepence.Mrs Murrell promised us Scots a referendum on 19th October last year.I went down to my local polling station,expecting to cast my vote only to be told-"Naw,jist mair SNP lies".

YNNAFYMMI, "Mrs Murrell promised us Scots a referendum on 19th October last year."

Nicola Sturgeon made no such promise. That was the proposed date for a referendum, it was not a promise.

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