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Time To Get Tough With These Morons?

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ToraToraTora | 20:03 Mon 22nd Apr 2024 | News
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now they are going to ruin our holidays. How long before somene just loses it with these idiots?



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Morons, idiots, fancy wanting a future for their descendants.

Question Author

have a day off canary, nowt we do makes any difference. When they start doing it in US, India or China, they'll get more respect.

This might help you grasp why anything we do is futile:


Daily Express confirms annoyance is now fury.

In other news, Princess Diana...

funny thing, there was a big demo in Westminster last month, disrupting traffic, and yet I don't recall any threads on AB objecting to it. I wonder why?

No young people involved, I expect.


Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose ...

Question Author

nowt wrong with a bit of consistency!

They have armed police at airports.

I wouldn't misbehave there.

Farmers have a legitimate grievance whereas the troublemskers do not.


They need custodial sentences, getting longer each time. Should convince them to go pull their antics in a country that needs reminding of it's responsibility.

Shoot to kill policy inside the airport will do.

"When they start doing it in US, India or China, they'll get more respect"

they do do it in the USA... in that country they are called Declare Emergency

i am not familiar with india but many brave climate activists are targeted by the Chinese state in much the same way as you want to be done here 

Geez Dave I hope you never gain the right to write policy.

Arm everyone with the right to kill anyone?

So sad,,,

at least dave is honest. it is quite obvious that some of our more "civil" members have essentially the same ideology but hide behind weasle words and a polite facade! 

That's what an American would say, more guns!!

Let's shoot everyone that we distrust!!!

One day soon,"So grandad what did you do to slow down global warming in 2024?"

"Sorry to say," Not a fat lot,Cuz i was happier burying my head in the sand "








Hopkirk @ 22.28:

//They have armed police at airports.//

Anyone who has been to Terminal 3 at Manchester Airport will tell you how easy it would be to get onto the runway from there. The fencing near The Airport Hotel is pathetic. The access road is right alongside it. And I've never ever seen any security there, never mind armed guards. JSO could get onto the runway quite easily there.

Yes, the time has long past that they should have been stopped.  As much as they have a 'right' to protest so should the majority have a 'right' to freely go about their business.

If they try the airports, particularly Heathrow that they say they will then they will  rightly find themselves at the sharp end of a piece of lead.

One day soon,"So grandad what did you do to slow down global warming in 2024 ?"

"Not a lot, 'cuz we in the UK was already creating very little of the problem having set a great example to those unwilling to be responsible, and so was happier not going overboard and allowing our economy and standard of living to remain reasonable. However I am regretting having offspring who in turn had kids who will all be using up the world's resources, and polluting the place, that was most remiss of me".

 That will happen, a member of the public will one day really hurt one of these morons, but then he would be in trouble, what a load of Bull.

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Time To Get Tough With These Morons?

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