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so there are people on the streets saying things you dont like.

( I have to say I agree with " too many dead babies in Gaza and nobody here gies a foo")

you just have to get over it.

oh, and demonstrating outside parliament with a view to changing its mind is unlawful according to the 1848 Treason Felony Act. I have no idea why I  am the only prerson in England who knows that

The article is behind a pay wall for me.

CHRIS, if you copy a link then go to and paste it in the long box, you can see if the article has been archived and view it.

If it's not already archived it will go through that process which can take a few minutes.

It works most of the time, including with pay walls.

You can read the article here

Ignore that link, I was checking something in the article.

Use this one

He is indeed spot on Webbo. As he says //Like a frog in boiling water, few saw the full scale of the decline coming until it was too late, and those who did were ridiculed by the bien-pensant. Yet even in 2024, when millions now realise that Britain is on the wrong track, there is no hope of meaningful improvement.//

The article is behind a pay wall for me.

Press "Escape" just as the page starts to load. Ususally works. I don't think the DT knows this, so don't spread it around!  😀

I love the way he manages to blame everything on 'the left' despite the fact we haven't had a left wing government since 1979.

Could you point out where exactly he does that, please,  tomus?
Do you mean when he references the NHS and antisemetism? Is that a persecution or a guilt complex you are nursing there?

There's a limit to what folks will tolerate & Brits are some of the most tolerant but....

//Could you point out where exactly he does that, please, tomus?//

To be fair, I did miss the bit where he slaaged off the conservatives as well, but be honest, they also count as 'the left' to angry right whingers these days don't they.

I am 76,and people have been repeating this rubbish since I was 21(1968).Some people get a kick out of being doomsayers.

Just ignore it.

//Just ignore it.//

Sadly, the gullible can't nosey. They love hearing that kind of stuff. 

Next thing there'll be a messiah figure that will know how to solve it all in two weeks and they'll be right behind him/her.

you're allowed to think Britain is on a steep slide ... as long as you don't think Brexit could have anything do to with it!

"The Tories have been abysmal, but Labour will be even worse: Keir Starmer will double down on the social-democratic and culturally nihilistic policies tested to destruction by the Conservatives." - Be careful what you wish for.

//you're allowed to think Britain is on a steep slide ... as long as you don't think Brexit could have anything do to with it!//


Brexit - good or bad - is the least of this country's worries at the moment - but it will slide at a rate of knots if Labour get their hands on it. 

If it's any consolation, you can say the same for Germany and France, in fact throughout Europe everyone is saying the same thing and one of the main reasons is the seemingly limitless flow of immigration. User Recommendationref=sr_1_1?crid=24ACQCN3UGJQX&dib=eyJ2IjoiMSJ9.PdN2rHTimkFs78UimL-1Z9SA4JxPbOKWsp6hAFbH29BxCLJxYs7FgtYXShfReVSCyWSoKuUt6jPaHG0VMEyW_mDYPzzyPvW7ohyKCkZEMjPO8-eenVrWlYa8mnOHkUbD9gsmYQWD7sJd2uDiE9VayunHOLfezUml8h50JyQND0vVCE0cLsGcqmp85opYTkx6ZW_x3X7Pl8-BtaHtQ2CVHNnSWsE2uf9NBE0RCUvMdaM.7bjZ2KiHBx_y18ttOwAGzZZDVETE_lJbg4HlH48ln7Q&dib_tag=se&keywords=the+strange+death+of+europe+by+douglas+murray&qid=1708768238&s=books&sprefix=the+strange+death+of+europe%2Cstripbooks%2C144&sr=1-1

Ah 09.57 .It wasn't so just the piffle that came from Johnsons mouth it was also the absolute lies that followed .And it seems he left his book of words in the safe at ..No 10 For his Successor.

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