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Torture Rape And Execution

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Untitled | 10:58 Tue 20th Feb 2024 | News
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the UN's high commissioner on human rights has expressed grave concern over treatment of palestinian women and girls held captive by israeli forces in both gaza and the west bank

their sources (named at the bottom of the link) report abuses such as 

- execution of whole families including children

- rape and sexual assault 

- torture 

- abduction 

surely these allegations require an independent and thorough investigation? why have these allegations gone unreported?



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Stableford - // Andy states above that no-one has stated support for either side //

No I didn't.

I stated that no-one has stated support for the 'actions' of either side, reference the attrocities carried out during the current conflict.

That is not the same as supporting either side.

I think that's a sound view to take Stableford. I've no issue with Israel destroying Hamas for the atrocities they commited on Oct 7, but that does not include the deliberate targeting of innocents and the torture of prisoners.

As others have pointed out, these are allegations, so yes, and independent and thorough investigation should be welcomed. As for it being "unreported", South Africa have (erroneously in my view) been shouting "genocide" for some time and this has been widely reported (and rebuffed by evidence).  There will be allegations made continually, and the sooner these are investigated, the better.  

//Israel adamantly rejected claims Tuesday by a United Nations panel of “experts” that included noted antisemite Francesca Albanese that Israeli soldiers had committed sexual assault against Palestinian women and girls detained during the war in Gaza.The allegations were picked up by the international media, and were seized upon by anti-Israel voices as if they balanced, or negated, the documented sexual crimes by Hamas terrorists against Israelis during and after the October 7 terror attack. Eylon Levy, a spokesman for the Israeli government, noted Tuesday that Albanese was one of the officials making the allegations. Albanese recently justified the Hamas terror attack of October 7, and has a long history of anti-Israel and antisemitic statements.
The Israeli mission to the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, also denied the allegations, saying that it had received no such complaints and that it abided by international law. It also noted the anti-Israel motivations of the UN officials making the claims.//

^Best Answer,untitled?

Question Author

it's just Israel calling everyone who criticises it an antisemite again.... not surprising they don't want this investigated. one can only imagine why they would resist that. 

Togo, that was always a distinct possibility - hence the danger in taking this story at face value.

@17.02.Best Answer,Untitled?

Doesn't surprise me, only a matter of time before the closet anti semites tried to make the IDF look as bad as the instigators of this whole episode.

Question Author

no. it's just israel denying everything and making unsubstantiated claims of antisemitism... which is what they always do. 

israel has a long history of lying about their own human rights abuses and unfortunately can't be trusted to tell the truth.

And you believe pro Hamas supporters can?

Untitled isn't waiting for an investigation.  He's already decided.

Question Author

an investigation is what i want, silly. i wonder why israel doesn't. 

retro... who is pro hamas?

Who's silly, untitled?  Re-read your post at 17.29.  Your mind is made up.

Question Author


We strongly condemn the horrific crimes committed by Hamas, the deliberate and widespread killing and hostage-taking of innocent civilians, including older persons and children. These actions constitute heinous violations of international law and international crimes, for which there must be urgent accountability,” the experts said."

from an earlier statement published just after october 7th... these people do not "justify" the massacre or support hamas. It's another lie. 

Looks like you have lost this argument Untitled.Away back under your rock.

Question Author

no naomi that's not what it says. you are mistaken. 

It says what it says, untitled.  

The UN was employing scores of the original terrorists and still providing cover and sanctuary afterwards. I would not trust a word they say. 

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Torture Rape And Execution

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