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Torture Rape And Execution

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Untitled | 10:58 Tue 20th Feb 2024 | News
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the UN's high commissioner on human rights has expressed grave concern over treatment of palestinian women and girls held captive by israeli forces in both gaza and the west bank

their sources (named at the bottom of the link) report abuses such as 

- execution of whole families including children

- rape and sexual assault 

- torture 

- abduction 

surely these allegations require an independent and thorough investigation? why have these allegations gone unreported?



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I refer to the motley crew on the list that Togo provided in his link as Pro Hamas. I doubt any of them could spell impartial or inegrity.

T retro?  😂

Question Author

israel has provided absolutely no evidence that actually happened togo


my post does not say that israel are responsible... it says they've done it before and lied about it, which they have... that means we can't just take what israel says at face value. an independent investigation by a body like the ICC is required. i will not explain it again because i do think that the english in my post is quite clear and easy to understand. 

Too late to backtrack, untitled.  

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Question Author

you're being mendacious naomi... i didn't say it. but nothing unusual there. 

I know it's an emotive topic but please watch your language, ynna.  

I'm reading what you've written, untitled.  If you want to say something else don't get it wrong in the first place.

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Same thing happened on 7/10 and 30/11 to israelies 

One side is as bad as the other.

This conflict will continue to cause suffering on both sides for years to come.

Innocent people on both sides will die because their governments are not interested in peace.


Any crime, especially a war crime, should be properly investigated and the perpetrators should be brought to justice ... obviously.

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Torture Rape And Execution

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