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Torture Rape And Execution

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Untitled | 10:58 Tue 20th Feb 2024 | News
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the UN's high commissioner on human rights has expressed grave concern over treatment of palestinian women and girls held captive by israeli forces in both gaza and the west bank

their sources (named at the bottom of the link) report abuses such as 

- execution of whole families including children

- rape and sexual assault 

- torture 

- abduction 

surely these allegations require an independent and thorough investigation? why have these allegations gone unreported?



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TORATORATORA, "you gave us chapter and verse on why you support muslims etc"

How does that equate to supporting Hamas?


"they are named in the link tora. " - just says the UN are appalled by reports, it says nothing about the accuracy of these "reports".

Don't you know Untitled. The Israeli army can do anything they want because Hamas started it on Oct 7. No crimes, not murder, not rape, not torture, are the Israeli army responsible for.

Question Author

with respect corby he is just trying to drag the thread away from the subject matter of the OP... there's nothing he'd like more than another "all muslims are evil" argument and for the very real possibility of israeli atrocities to be buried

Question Author

please do try to read the link tora. there's a little asterisk that annotates the text and provides the names of the people who are reporting this and later the article provides some details of what they are reporting... but i suspect you knew that already. i even posted it for you. 

These are allegations.  Until they're either confirmed as factual or dismissed as lies any opinion can only be speculative.

He has a habit of making outrageous but baseless claims directed against other folk on here and I have been one of them.

Question Author

the UN rapporteurs have called for an independent and thorough investigation presumably by the ICC 

would you agree?

@10.49.So 7th October never happened then Mozz?That was the one and only reason for these atrocities.If only the Hamas terrorists had just stayed in their beds that day.They didnt,this happened because they didnt stay in their beds or their tunnels under schools or hospitals.

untitled, who are you talking to?

^   Oh,  not again!

That was to 10.57

10:54, strange that if similar reports came from Israeli sources against Hamas, many here would believe them without hesitation, while screaming claims of Antisemitism and terrorist sympathizing at anyone who questioned them.


//So 7th October never happened then Mozz?//


Would you like to point at the part of my post that suggested that? My point is, as I suspect you know, it's time the Israeli forces took responsibility for their own actions now.

Mozz, //strange that if similar reports came from Israeli sources against Hamas, many here would believe them without hesitation//


Hamas has provided very sound proof of its atrocities.  No one can dispute that.

Indeed, and they have been condemned repeatedly for them. The events described are not against Hamas, they are against innocent Gazan citizens being held prisoner.

A blind eye can be turned on Israeli atrocities for only so long Naomi, at the least, investigations need to take place.

Question Author

"untitled, who are you talking to?"

to you

11:00 Don't sweat it Lottie, Ynna is just upset that I used their trademark comment before they had the chance to do it.

Yes, mozz, investigations do need to take place because at the moment these are unsubstantiated allegations.

Oh, OK, untitled.  If you're addressing someone specifically, calling them by name avoids confusion.   I've answered your question above.

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Torture Rape And Execution

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