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Body Found In Thames.....

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Ken4155 | 13:05 Tue 20th Feb 2024 | News
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...police believe its the guy they've been looking for re the 'corrosive substance' attack on the woman and kids.

Can't do links from newspapers - only Youtube - soz.



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Thanks, Naomi

You're very welcome, Ken.

Well just Id'd from clothes at this point in time, but here's hoping it is him.  Save the tax payer another fortune over the coming years (having cost us one already).

Apparently the woman was in a relationship with him. Why on earth would a woman with children get into a relationship with an afghan asylum seeker? Hardly a rosy future ahead of them is there?

Report says the woman is now blind so she (& her kids until they grow up) will need support for the rest of her life.

Another good example of how immigration benefits the country!

Another wasted life, another soul blasted by the festering malevolence of a distorted and disturbed mind. If she, the attacked, has any vestige of sight remaining, she will need courage and assistance to cope with this her new reality. If not, then a world of darkness brings vastly new challenges.

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Body Found In Thames.....

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