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//It has to be one of the worst areas in the country to live.//

I believe it is officially the poorest place in England.

my neighbor has one, and is a bonehead, shaved head tattoos etc, wears tshirts in winter rain or shine no coat, i raised my fence height accordingly, i even informed the council of my fears.

Its mainly the run down areas that entertain these kind of dogs. I've yet to come to any conclusion why that should be, because they have the least amount of funds to care for them?

I don't see what's wrong with these family pets.

I have to rush now, friends are bringing their five and 7 year olds round and I have to load the shotgun then leave it on the couch.

I hope nothing goes wrong.

They are essentially used as weapons by some people. Walking the streets with one of these, no-one is going to give you any trouble.

If a dog is bred from parents who are a bit aggressive then is not socialised properly when they are puppies the do is never going to be trustworthy.  People like this guy are the real problem.



These dogs may be dangerous but don't forget deaths/injuries by these dogs will now make the news more as the narrative is already present. 

A German shepherd nearly killed my dad when he was delivering but as a whole the breed are not dangerous. 

That's a good point nicebloke it makes me wonder if German shepherds were the trend in run down areas would this breed also be causing deaths left right and centre.. 

Is it really the breed or the owners

Wolf, the owners/breeders are at fault for having them in the first place,  but dogs have inbuilt instincts.  That's why Border Collies that have never been near a sheep in their lives, behave like sheepdogs.  These dogs are instinctively aggressive - and they're kept by morons as a status symbol.

“In the 70s they blamed Dobermans, in the 80s they blamed German Shepherds, in the 90s they blamed Rottweilers. Now they blame the XL Bully. When will they blame the humans?”

I do remember GS being the feared dog of the past years. But if you have any dog that you cant care for due to low income, then a big hungry dog can be angry dog. So I would blame the owner 9 times out of 10. Pet food has gone up at the same rate as human food. And vet care has gone through the roof, so if a dog has medical problems that are not addressed, such as tooth pain, thats another angry dog.?

Question Author

I tend to think it's a combination. Irresponsible owners who do not know how to train or control their dog...combined with breeds that were historically bred to catch and kill, so were used for hunting.  But not in the same way as, let's say, retrievers. All of the bull breeds have jaws that lock hold. I was told years ago that once the jaws lock, the dog can't let go. How true this is I don't know. Unfortunately these dogs are status symbols for criminals and are also seen as guard dogs.

Is Jaywick like the seaside town that was in the news recently due to the rundown condition of the roads...that the home owners were responsible for?

Of course it's a combination (I can't see a chihuahua savaging a fully grown human to death).

As has been repeatedly stated, the owners must share the blame where the dog is of such a size it can cause fatal damage. And since in many cases the owner has deliberately encouraged attack behaviour (which appears to be the case here) then the owner should be as severely punished as if they had used a knjfe or a gun instead of a dog. 



There's no good reason to want to own one of these.

If you like dogs and want one, there are many many other types out there that need good homes.

I have no sympathy for xl bully owners, even the responsible ones I'm afraid. Why choose such an aggressive dog as a pet?


Pasta... Lion tamers are probably good at taming lions, but we don't want lions to be kept as pets. We unfortunately have to target the dogs, not the owners.

...not just the owners...

We slaughter millions of chickens, turkeys, cows, sheep so that we can eat cheap meat. Why should we be sentimental about dogs?

Question Author

I had...very briefly...a retired racing greyhound. Known to be amongst the most gentle and docile breeds. I was told he was "nervous"...I'd had a nervous dog from the same rescue that I'd been extremely happy with, and it was agreed I'd take him on. Well, yes...he was nervous. But also scared and very reactive over toys, the sofa and food. I quickly discovered I wasn't equipped to manage him. He eventually became growly,snappy, I had to be separate from him when either of us was eating. I couldn't go near the kitchen if he had left food in his dish. And, I was using techniques recommended by the dog behaviorist.

And one day, he went for me. Bruised bum protected by very thick jeans. But I've no doubt he would have done far greater damage if I'd not been right at the front in hand...and a broom to fend him off.

Sorry I've gone on a bit...but that experience proved to me that any breed is capable of violence if not raised and socialised correctly. Sadly, I didn't have the necessary experience to help him.

Question Author

Atheist...because in this country we do not eat dogs.

Other countries are available. 

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Another Needless Death Due To An Xlbully Dog

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