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Labour Plans For " Race Equality Act"......

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ToraToraTora | 10:12 Mon 05th Feb 2024 | News
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Can someone tell me what laws apply differently depending on race in UK? We are one of the most diverse democracies in the world. Not sure what "problem" Labour feel needs addressing here.



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Well the current one is anti semitism. 

Perhaps labour are looking to leglaise that as it is the left that seem to practice this most?

Also seems it is ine to denegate the white man, but not the othe way round, then we have the case o the 'wong bown' (now who did that I wonder?)

We already have equality laws, but I'm unsure how fairly they are applied. I am of the opinion the legal situation is already covered, and one can not support the thought police telling the citizens how they must think: which looks likely to be the only next step government could make.

"A Labour government would give stronger legal protections for equal pay for black, Asian and minority ethnic workers..."


How can you have tougher laws than that already in place ? To me this smacks of a desire to discriminate in favour of a favoured section, a mistake oft made in the past and hopefully not being suggested to be repeated.

//To me this smacks of a desire to discriminate in favour of a favoured section//


That already happens.  This would make it legitimate.

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Labour Plans For " Race Equality Act"......

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