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Well past the time when muzzles should be compulsory.  The Government is scared of the powerful Doggie lobby.

Question Author

Even sensible dog owners want to see these beasts contained and controlled. 

-- answer removed --

Yes, I tend to agree with you TTT (you'll have to go and lie down now LOL)

Question Author

Oh dear...I agree with TTT also. 

The brainless ****  is said to have claimed that no-one was telling him what to do with his own dogs. Idiot.

TTT - I know you are capable of expressing your opinion perfectly well without trying to dodge the site's language censor.

I have asked you twice now to stop doing it - if I see it again I will suspend you.

Thanks for your cooperation.

If it's got teeth it can bite you,not the cuddly little lovebugs that their owners think/say they are.

Pasta - // ... yet some owners still think their dogs are harmless. //

Although it's wrong to jump to conclusions, all the indications are that this man actually encouraged his dogs to be as brainless and aggressive as he is.

But as I have opined many many times over the years, almost all dog owners never believe that their dog would turn on anyone.

But the reality is that every dog that draws breath has the potential to turn, the only variables are the circumstances, which are completely beyond the owner's control.

These horrific breeds need to be eradicated, but while there are brainless bone-heads needing to shore up their own insecurities by owning such monsters, they will carry on.

And so will the deaths of innocent people like this.

Utterly tragic.

I typed out a long answer but deleted it.

People like him are the problem. 

He should be charged with manslaughter.  Breeding dogs should require a licence and should not be seen as an easy method of getting money.

he needs to be had up for manslaughter (at least)


The problem is that these dogs are not of a specific breed and the law can be circumvented.

Restricting who is legally able to breed dogs is simpler.  


wolf - // He should be charged with manslaughter. //

I think, in law, charges of murder or manslaughter can only be brought if there is a realistic chance of proving in court that there was deliberate intent - in the case of murder - or responsibility - in the case of manslaughter - on the part of the accused.

A defence lawyer in this circumstance would have no problem offering the defence that the idiot in question did not set out to cause any harm, and since the fatality was caused by his dog, which (we assume!) has no previous history of violence against a person, and therefore he could not have realistically foreseen such an occurence.

wolf - //


The problem is that these dogs are not of a specific breed and the law can be circumvented.

Restricting who is legally able to breed dogs is simpler.  //

Any law can be circumvented, and if there is money to be made, they all are.

Illegal dog breeding has gone on for centuries, there is no reason to presume it is going to stop now.

wolf - // Breeding dogs should require a licence ... //

It does, but that won't stop people simply ignoring the law.

Up to 14 years in prison if a person dies as a result of a being attacked by any dog on the dangerous dogs list.  Let's hope he gets the full sentence

It is now illegal to breed these dogs, so hopefully they will all have died out in the next 14 years

I fancy that TTT may have a 100 watt reaction to that reprimand 😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    

This is dressed up as a 'seaside' town but Jaywick is the pits.  Run down, high unemployment - benefits central.  It has to be one of the worst areas in the country to live.  No need to wonder why this man was never reported to the police.


naomi sits back and waits for the howls of outrage.

It featured in quite a long running series some years ago - Benefits by the Sea.  There were plenty of lowlifes featured but also some decent folk down on their luck who tried to better their immediate environment, help their neighbours and drag themselves up by their bootstraps.

Very poor housing not designed for year long residence, extremely poor infrastructure.

Lovely beach, though.

Barry, most of the properties there are former holiday chalets.  It's rough - a horrible place - with a beautiful beach.

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Another Needless Death Due To An Xlbully Dog

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