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Support For The Uk To Re-Join The Eu (With Adopting The Euro)

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Hymie | 14:01 Sun 04th Feb 2024 | News
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Of course, we won’t be negotiating to rejoin until the nutters in the Tory party come to their senses and admit what a disaster Brexit is for the UK, and decide that they would like to get elected as a government, ditching their anti-EU stance.


As my mate Phil explains, 48% would vote to re-join if we had to adopt the Euro – how long before that figure becomes the majority; with 63%  wanting to rejoin (without it being specified whether we adopt the Euro).

Not good news for the Brexiteers.





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Although I'm a staunch Remainer, please give it a rest Hymie, you're well into over-egging territory.

Brexit was NOT a disaster best thing we did, got out of the tyrants way we owe them nothing

63%?  Surely we have to recognise the will of the people.

...  but weren't we part of the tyranny.

Now we can't influence it.

I'm not sure that's a good thing - cutting off our nose to spite our face.

We don't need to influence it.  We're out - and a jolly good thing it is too.

Question Author

//63%?  Surely we have to recognise the will of the people//


No; the leave vote of 2016 is sacrosanct to Brexiteers and must never be undone – to do so would be a betrayal of the 17.4 million (many whom have since died) who voted leave.

OP ..Be very careful Of calling the Tories nutters on AB Hymie it could lead to your a/c being suspended or even removed. In the meantime keep the videos coming ..I love them.

//63%?  Surely we have to recognise the will of the people//


That isn't the will of the people.  It's Hymie's mate fantasising again.

So Hymie which party will you be voting for then as the big 2 have both said they won't rejoin and they are really the only ones that have a chance of getting elected.  As for how great your EU is have you seen the news lately with all the protests they are having and it's not just in France either.  Not a happy place at the moment and it sounds like they are missing our billions too.

-- answer removed --

13. 55 You keep the Brexit Vids coming Hymie just to remind TTT and the other 4Cs what a mistake they made when they were conned by the chief Con himself,  Boris.

It's Keir younger to remind not TTT

^ you need not younger ( autocorrect)

Hymies desperation is sad yet funny.

As a firm believer in Brexit, I remain tired and annoyed by the Remainers' constant bleating that we left because voters 'didn't know what they were voting for'.

That is arrogance of the higest order, and it remains a pointless and irritating nonsense.

Democracy works on the will of the people, and it was enacted by Brexit.

That does not mean "We didn't get the result we wanted, but it's OK because people were being stupid, so let's have another vote and see if we get what we want this time ..."

That is not how democracy operates, and the sooner the Remoaners on here grapsed that simple fact, the sooner piffle like this OP will stop cluttering up the site.

If the Bexit referendum wasn't held in 2016 but was due to be held this year I believe there would be a bigger "leave" majority (by far).

Ditto what andy-hughes said 

Also ditto to Andy's posting

Fifth columnists ever bleating about a democratic vote that didn't go their way.

@13.03.Me also Canary.We might return to the EU at a later date.However not just now.Brexit was caused by English Tories,and to my dismay,Scottish SNPers.A plague on both their houses.

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Support For The Uk To Re-Join The Eu (With Adopting The Euro)

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