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The Post Office Scandal Continues

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Hymie | 09:30 Fri 02nd Feb 2024 | News
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On BBC Breakfast this morning one victim said that following the quashing of his conviction, he and his advisers put in a claim for compensation.

As he said, it was not some made up fanciful figure, but supported by documentary evidence of his demonstrable losses and reasonably expected compensation – the Post Office’s response was an offer of compensation less than 15% of what he requested.


Disgraceful behaviour by the Post Office (and the government).



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and your question is?

Question Author

So what is the question being asked by this AB poster?

so - just your usual dig at the government eh Hymie? So predictable and downright boring! 

//Disgraceful behaviour by the Post Office (and the government).//


This is indeed disagraceful behaviour - spanning several governments.  Each and every one of these victims should, by rights, end up not only fully compensated for what they've lost but wealthy - and I hope they do.

Question Author

No doubt in the not too distant future, Mr. Sunak will be announcing in the House of Commons that all victims of the Post Office scandal have been offered a fair and reasonable level of compensation.


It’s a shame we can’t take away everything he owns, put him in jail for 2 years (with a criminal record) and then 15 years later give him £1 million – and ask if he thinks that is fair and reasonable compensation.

Are you saying Mr Sunak made the offer of compensation?

I'd have thought he had better things to do.

Or are you saying we should jail All PM's since this happened?


and your question is? - - - is this fair

Jesus AB is more brayne-dead that usual. Watch out Dave another answer coming up - you wont have a clue about....

Closing Speeches for phase 4 today.

No 1 was weak - bad innvestigaton, poor documentation, lack of inquiry of other  causes to loss, very poor disclosure. He was not able to show that any non discls

currently Mr Steen, who began with - 'cack-upp' and went on. HE....

oops sozza just had a gas bill for £1000 scoozie

PP - were you educated by the late Stanley Unwin? I believe he was very erudite but no one could understand a word he said!

08.34 "and your question is"  If the victim was only offered 15% Is it because he wasn't a Tory Supporter.

It may be slow but it's a negotiation that is under way. The PO is looking to minimise its financial damage.

Fujitsu management should face criminal prosecution for allowing these people to go to jail, knowing full well they had done nothing wrong. Making a payout just don't cut it. 

I don't think ANY amount of money can make up for what some of those people went through so discussion of what is "appropriate" is quite moot.

I agree that criminal proceedings against those responsible for the injustice should be pursued with vigour.

Given that this started in the Blair/Brown years, why don't they take money from Blair to repay the postmasters? Fuji should be held accountable at some point. It isn't the fault, solely, of this government.

Question Author

Many have been vocal in that Fujitsu should pay a significant amount into the pot to compensate the victims – but if I were Fujitsu I’d be saying to the Post Office, you knew we were lying when we said the Horizon system was robust, but you when ahead with the prosecutions anyway – and you lied to the sub-post masters/mistresses claiming that each was the only one suffering Horizon issues, knowing full-well this was false.


If the Post Office had been honest in court, none of the scandal would have happened – we (Fujitsu) are not paying for your dishonesty.

Yes, but Fujitsu ran the help line that was taking calls from worried SPMs & did not disclose there could be bugs in the system. (even tho' the call takers knew or suspected that there were.)

I would quite happily see every SPM caught up in this compensated to the tune of, say, £5m.


Such is my palpable disgust I would happilly pay for the compensation through a tax rise. This is how disgusted I am because I would never ever suggest such a thing because (a) we are already over-taxed and (b) ALL Governments are inherently wasteful of money that doesn't belong to them.

Odd that davebro is so copious with his answers when he can't even identify a question. Hoist with his own petard  I feel.

Canary - why are you such a ***? Just askin' 😂

rhymes with rick ed

And what pray has your criticism of me got to do with this thread?

You are on my list Canary - be afraid, be VERY afraid.

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The Post Office Scandal Continues

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