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A Bleak Looking Future.

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gulliver1 | 10:44 Thu 25th Jan 2024 | News
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A pollster working inside No 10 Downing St has resigned, and his parting words were... that the Conservative party are heading for the most almighty of defeats...And have no doubt about it the Uk is on course for at least a decade of Labour Rule.My Question is any True Blue abers agree with with him..?



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Neither are Tory foreign secretarys ,


And your point is? Or is it like most of your posts, pointless?


All the tories have to do to win millions of votes back is to keep showing that ridiculous picture of starmer and that Rayner bird 'taking the knee' in their office. 

Question Author

It's getting even bleaker and desperate for the Tories even from when I first posted this thread @ 09.44 .  Rishi Sunak now faces desperate calls from his own party to step down immediately as the polls for the Cons worsen by the hour... Oh happy day.

I think you're right, Dave.  Pathetic!

gulliver at 11:37

\\Is it time for yet another Tory PM ,,NOT  to be elected by the public..?//

We don't elect our PM, we run a parlimentary democracy, we elect the party and the party elects the leader

Regardless, they're total crap, top to bottom and sideways.

No amount of blind faith or whistling in the dark will change that.

The next lot in will more than likely be the same but we have to try something.

Question Author

Who will you Radicalisd..tunnel visioned..blinkered Tory supporters blame when the Tories lose the GE ? Might I suggest

.......Boris Johnson....?

Labour must appoint a new leader before they beat the torys at a general election .

19:15 ?? why would labour change their leader when they are miles ahead in the polls with a GE probably in Autumn?

Yes, unpicking the deep-rooted damage of 14 years of Tory Misrule (including a disasterous 49 days from Ms Truss) does look like giving us a bleak short-term future. 

Personally I give up on the lot of them. Shysters, hypocrites, and liars.


You missed out incompetent.


My only hope for the GE is that the former postmistress gets enough votes to oust Ed Davey.

TTT @ 10.45:

//..I look forward to Labour's attempts..//

Is that a guaranteed vote for Labour then? 😊

When Labour do have a new leader, I predict it will be this man.

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A Bleak Looking Future.

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