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A Bleak Looking Future.

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gulliver1 | 10:44 Thu 25th Jan 2024 | News
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A pollster working inside No 10 Downing St has resigned, and his parting words were... that the Conservative party are heading for the most almighty of defeats...And have no doubt about it the Uk is on course for at least a decade of Labour Rule.My Question is any True Blue abers agree with with him..?



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A decade of Labour rule. You're right the future is looking bleak.


Bleak? Certainly will be if Labour get in!


Question Author

The same pollster from no 10 ...forecasts that the Cons will find themselves with just 169 seats in a defeat as crushing as in 1997

Does this pollster have a name?

This presumably: (it happened two months ago),stinging%20statement%20about%20Sunak's%20premiership.

A couple of things from the above: how can the so-called  Conservative Britain Alliance have been behind a YouGov poll? 
Secondly, it's plain that there's an element with the Tory party that seems to be trying to spook the PM into adopting more right wing policies - Will Dry appears to be one of those. 

Sure enough:

Sir Simon Clarke appears to have taken up the challenge but if the reactions of Tory MPs on WhatsApp are anything to go by, he's just making an idiot of himself.  The Tories' only hope is to knuckle down and get behind Sunak and hope the economy revives - dull though that may be for some.

so gully you say the future is bleak and Labour will win the next election. Bit of an oggy there me old china!

Question Author

It,s the Tory party the future is looking bleak for me old china 🤣

I see the cons have had yet another pathetic attept of reducing knife crime today gully. They just have no idea of producing any result on anything.


10:25 I look forward to Labour's attempts at dealing with issues like this. Be careful what you wish for.

Question Author

I suppose what will happen after  the GE, most of the Tory MPs who have lost their seats will just fade away into the sunlit uplands with their pockets full of tax payers cash and the rest of them will be sitting in the opposition benches .. haw haw

....gully you'll have nothing to moan about!

Question Author

Rebel Tories have given Sunak six weeks to turn around his party's bleak looking future in the polls or he is out ...Who will be the next leader of this suicide party. Farage or will they send in the Clown again..?

//....gully you'll have nothing to moan about!//

Ah - but he'll moan about how Labour can't do anything due to the Tory legacy & brexit. Win/win.

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This ex Downing St..Pollster ex Oxford uni Student also voted for Brexit but now says he deeply regrets voting out.

Question Author

Is it time for yet another Tory PM ,,NOT  to be elected by the public..?

Question Author

Bet Sunak and his Cons are dreading the Coming By-elections next month...

Where is this Coming constituency.


gully - you've been told numerous times PMs are NOT elected by the public - none of them. Just doesn't sink in  does it.

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A Bleak Looking Future.

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