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Not Even Three Years For This

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pastafreak | 13:10 Fri 05th Jan 2024 | News
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I've no doubt he would have killed her eventually. Horrifying that someone can do so much damage...and get such a small sentence.



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Liberal justice.

Wonder what the sentence would have been had he done that to the judge?

That is such a disturbing case.

Damn savage should never see the light of day again. The Bar steward will be out in half that and free to do it again.

The trobsicites will be happy with that.

That is a disgusting sentence. Considering the perps previous it is hardly a deterrent to stop acts of brutal violence.

After AH's views on justice on other thread no doubt he will be happy with this.

I agree entirely Retro, must be very disheartening for the Old Bill too.

Must be a real hard nut, beating up a woman. No doubt he'll be of interest to the old lags in the slammer.

His stay will be uncomfortable to say the least.  The problem is the tay wont be long enough and some liberal dogooder will probably let him out earlier than even the pathetic sentence he got.

Question Author

TTT @ 12:52...I doubt anyone would be happy with that. Whatever their political views. 

I'd consider myself a liberal...and I rather hope he gets his comeuppance. Whether in jail or when he gets out.

That he will be 'sorted out' by the prison population is, alas, not a given. I know of a few scum-bags who have savagely beaten their parftners, or female shop assistants (during a robbery), done time and, unfortunately, come out unscathed.

This stain on humanity, hopefully will encounter Karma one way or another.

I'm afraid all the snide remarks from the Hard Right regarding Liberals are merely smoke-screen speculation to support their bigoted views. 


Speaking as a liberal person, I think this guy should be locked up for life (whole life, not some piddly compromise). We liberals are not all as Righties love to paint us.



steady canary, they'll take away your organic peace porridge privileges!

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Not Even Three Years For This

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