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David Soul Has Died!

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carolegif | 15:36 Fri 05th Jan 2024 | News
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Another of my teenage crushes has fallen off his perch.  



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Yeah he captained Scotland to their famous 1990 grand slam against all the odds. We were gutted in England but our own fault for taking it for granted.

TTT, the wrong David Soul, I think?

Come on silver lady!

Ii believe Carole is talking about David Soul the acor and singer, TTT. Not David Sole, a cricketer.

didn't know there was a cricketer, I knew about the rugby player.

But clearly a different person - the different spelling is a clue. 

Starsky & Hutch


I have never seen a single episode of Starsky and Hutch, but I remember it being hugely popular back in the proverbial day.

It was a really popular programme, one that most people watched. 

RIP David Soul

Pity Andy because I reckon a Starsky jumper would suit you all the fashion in the 70s....

Sad news, S & H was a must-watch back then.

RIP David.

TTT - I had one of those, wore it everywhere 🙂

Sorr  I googled  'David Soul Cricket' and it came up with David Sole.  I looked  no further!

Years since I've seen this ...

Awwww, Huggy Bear

I remember a lot of look a like cars of the "Striped Tomaydough" in the 70s! (Ford Gran Torino)

Ahhh.  That's sad.  He seemed nice.  I once had a boyfriend who looked just like him.  I can't remember his name though.  

Naomi you heart breaker. The names just all fade 😃💔

I've just heard on 'Talksport' I was just about to look for a thread like this one.

Starsky & Hutch definately one of my favourites as a kid, and the frightening Salem's Lot.

R.I.P. David Soul

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David Soul Has Died!

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