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Rip Derek Draper 56

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Redhelen72 | 12:35 Fri 05th Jan 2024 | News
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Its just been announced that Derek has passed away after a very long battle with the after effects of COVID.

Rest easy mate your fight is over - I hope your wife remains as strong.



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A very sad loss of a good man. Condolences to Derek's amazing wife and children. 


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I know she has come in for a lot of stick from the general public and some media outlets for 'advertising' his illness but I think she was highlighting that for some the effects were more than a mere cold.


I think that anyone who criticises her handling of the family's plight should be grateful they have not gone through the same trauma. RIP Derek

I agree, choux.  

 I like Kate.  RIP, Derek

Very sad news for Kate & the family.  RIP Derek.

R.I.P. No longer in pain. Condolences to Kate and their children.

Sad news about Derek. Condolences to Kate and  their families.

I had doubts about 'long covid' but looking at him, I thought 'this is terrible'

encephalitis, myocarditis and myositis - and  a year in hospital - I know a few ABers will think I  have just grabbed those terms off google - are markers for early post covid death

( they looked at those in hospital for more than a year and found they started dying quite quickly)

Say not the struggle naught availeth, the labour and the wounds are vain. RIP.

I typed out an answer about 3 hours ago...and didn't post.


I find this so incredibly sad...more so because for a while, it looked like he might beat it. RIP.

Extremely sad, he fought such a hard battle and seemed to be in so much pain for so long. While of course it is very hard, it must be a blessing in a small way he is at peace and out of his suffering 

So brave till the end. So sad for the family but must also be a relief.

Peace at last Derek. RIP

They've had a terrible time.  So sad for them. 

I hope those selfish anti-vaxxers who deny that covid is a risk are paying attention.  

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Rip Derek Draper 56

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