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A Score Draw?

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douglas9401 | 05:52 Tue 05th Dec 2023 | News
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Or karma? Why would one represent oneself instead of using the lawyer who represented one in a previous road traffic matter?



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Lack of funds? Arrogance? No defence?

Another case of 'You'll wait lady'.

karma indeed.

she took advice and was told to plead + guilty with mitigation, which one can do ( we are told) better if you do it yourself

"foo I fort someone else wd do it" (fill out the form) is pretty dumb ( like the fella who was driving) - - o! o! he might not have been insured....


I have been in this kinda situation

Two old men 70 and 77 were accused by a man in plain clothes saying he was a policeman of having damaged an unmarked police car

we hadnt - damaged it

he thought we had ( and hadnt er checked)

and the two criminals ( aged 70 and 77) were dragged off to a police station. oh lardy dah, it was all because there was a blank drug bust a few doors down and they were all feeling poosed off and saw us.....

I doubt a lawyer would have helped.

She would have to have shown that a driving disqualification would subject her or others to "exceptional hardship." I doubt a court would see jeopardising an Olympic place as "hardship" at all, let alone "exceptionsal". She mentioned "inconvenience", which is not enough. Driving bans are meant to impose inconvenience.

On the plus side, the 29 points she had accumulated will revert to zero when her ban is over.

got off light really, 6 months and she'll have nil pois!

The true punishment will be her insurance premium at the end of the ban

Look on the bright side - she'll be much fitter if she has to use public transport.

Alf Tupper managed without a car.

How come they keep getting away with saying they do not know who was driving a vehicle when it's committed a traffic offence,little miss goody-goody shows her smugness for the law,now give the two sacked police officers their jobs back.

Those police officers lied because they lied and admitted to lying. 

And she lied when she said she did not know who was driving the car that had committed a traffic offence.

And she has been punished within the limits of the law.

I don't want to be policed by officers who give false evidence.

You say that she lied.  You don't know that.  3 people drive my car, often my wife and I share the driving on a long journey.  There are many trips where I could not say with certainty who was driving at the time of an offence.

barry - my wife and I always share the driving on a long journey but I would know where we were when we swapped. The request to identify the driver would have said where the offense occurred.

I wouldn't always know. 


Having said that I do agree that policemen who give false evidence should be fired.

So it's her car,she says she knows she was not driving it,but does not know who was,sorry but i do not go for that.

"And she lied when she said she did not know who was driving the car that had committed a traffic offence."

She has not said that at all. She simply didn’t respond to the requests. I won’t bore you with the law but she can take advantage of a “statutory defence” if she did not know and could not, having exercised “reasonable diligence”, find out. And no, it’s not just a case of turning up and saying “Dunno who was driving, guv” (but once again I won’t bore you with the details).

And can give you chapter and verse on the particular law (Section 172 of the Road Traffic Act) if you want as it’s something I have an in-depth knowledge of (including the statute itself and case law). But not in this thread. Raise a question in "Law" and I'll respond.

"The true punishment will be her insurance premium at the end of the ban."

Indeed barry. One endorsement (which is code MS90) for "failing to provide driver’s details" will usually see premiums at least double in the first year. I shudder to think what three would do and would not be surprised if many insurers simply refused to quote.

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