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No More Politicians On Show

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Roobaba | 21:28 Sun 03rd Dec 2023 | News
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I'm a Celebrity hosts Ant and Dec call for 'no more politicians' on show - BBC News

There has to be a better way.. a politician free future?



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Farage isn't working as an MP so there's no reason he shouldn't be there. 

What's wrong is when they pay people like Hancock and Dorries who were supposed to be at work ridiculous sums to skive off in the jungle.

Their constituents should have sued them.

Regardless of what the two second rate presenters think the bottom line is it is not their call.

There is a reason ITV paid Fargage £1.5M.

Perhaps we should also call for no drunk drivers to present it?

Perhaps a better call is 'No more Ant & Dec on TV'

This was posted first.

I didn't say it wasn't, just pointing out my inadvertent duplication.

"There is a reason ITV paid Fargage £1.5M"

SO he could reopen his Coutts account :-)

Agree with Gramps on this one . How the Heck, Ant and Deck ever became popular is a joke.They are the  corniest presenters ever .They attract you to the turn off button immediately.

10.53 Is there a reason why A+D are paid £3.3 million a month.?

Love Ant and Dec.  Who else could talk about Nigel's ablutions and showing his manifesto in the same sentence?  Very funny.  :o))))


Perhaps Andy Milligan ought to present the show, Naomi. He's their writer-in-chief.

"Ant and Dec's deal could end up being worth £50million if they decide to extend the three-year agreement, the publication added. Their deal means the duo can reportedly earn a combined £3.3million a month from ITV, for hosting shows such as Britain's Got Talent, I'm A Celebrity, Saturday Night Takeaway and Ant And Dec's DNA Journey."

If we say four year for the £50 million  deal, that works out as forty-eight month or just over a £520,000 a month for each of them.

Each to his own, Ken.  Writers can write lines but presenters need to be able to deliver them.  Ant and Dec haven't won awards for the past twenty odd years for no reason.

True, Naomi, very true. But Ant and Dec shouldn't take/be given ALL the glory for their success.

As for the awards, they're brght enough to realise who their target audience is - the kind of viewers who will take time out to actually vote for their fav hosts, actors, programmes, etc, etc, etc - and they stick to the format that works. 

In my most humble of opinions, of course😊

Ken, Ant and Dec haven't been given all the glory.  Andy Milligan is a double BAFTA winner for his work on their shows.  

I don't watch them very much now, only because I get fed up very quickly with the same programs year after year. But A&D are pretty good at what they do, after all who could do this program any better, I doubt there are very many who could step into their shoes. So good luck to them. How much they are paid? We would all go for as much as we could get I think, Don't you?

Never watched a single episode of I'm a Celeb...  , likewise Coronation Street & Eastenders, is this a record?

celebrity seems to be very loosely defined, I often have no clue who the majority are.  Are they selected to attract a younger audience?

Sometimes the politician contestants just seem to attract a lot of hate comments, no doubt to boost viewing figures. IMHO that just encourages the ethos of cyber bullying, so no I dont watch

^^Soaps I can't find anything good to say about them, really can't, but what I would say is they make a very good job of sending young kids stupid. :0(

The 'celebraties' will be taken from across the spectrum to try and get as many as possible to watch.  More watching means more Ad revenue which is all ITV really want.

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No More Politicians On Show

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