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Shouldn't Milliband show more concern for our troops?

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anotheoldgit | 15:19 Fri 21st Aug 2009 | News
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The foreign secretary, David Miliband, has hailed the "enormous bravery" of the Afghan people who defied Taliban threats and voted.

'enormous bravery' ??????

Typical of our caring politicians always ready to praise 'Johnny Foreigner'

There were a series of attacks but violence was not as intense as some had feared. Miliband said that he had been "braced for the worst" but "the worst did not happen".

'the worst did not happen'?????????

Only two more young British lives lost, I think that is cause for concern.


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Our recent objective in Afghanistan was to make the election successful and create a climate where the voters did not feel intimidated.

Milliband's pronouncement is in fact a self congratulatory slap on the back for the British and our troops in delivering that. The election has been a success due to our contribution.
At least Miliband isn't trying to use the deaths of soldiers to make political points.

Unlike this question.

Really you should be ashamed!
I find it strangely childlike how you see something as intangible as 'congratulations' as a finite resource. Same with other sentiments.

Express some goodwill to about person A and that means you don't care about person B.

Express concern for the NHS and it means you don't care about immigration.

Congratulate a black man and you're ignoring the achievements of a white man.

Stand up for the rights of teachers and you're snubbing the rights of soldiers.

It's genuinely a bit weird. Most people can hold positive views towards more than one group at once. Praising Johnny Foreigner doesn't mean you're spurning British troops. Why would it?
^^ What he said. This is a nonsensical argument.
Our soldiers are either killed while on foot patrol or moving about in their armoured vehicles by the use of IEDs. Wouldn't it be better to stay in their camps and let the Taliban come to them?

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I have said that on more than one occasion rov.

But it seems that the powers that be thinks it is more important for our troops to move around the communities, winning the hearts and minds of the Afghans, than protecting the lives of our troops.

But then this is another typical liberal lefty approach on things.
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At least Miliband isn't trying to use the deaths of soldiers to make political points.

This would be hilarious, if it was not so serious.

With over 200 dead and still rising, there could not be any political points gained from this fact.

It is you and your political masters that should be ashamed.
I think David Milliband has shown concern for our troops and ALSO for the Afghan people who have suffered tremendously over recent years. I hope the elections have indeed passed off as peacefully as it would appear and that some genuine good comes from this election. I'm trying to see the positive in a difficult situation.

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Shouldn't Milliband show more concern for our troops?

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