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ichkeria | 21:00 Thu 26th Oct 2023 | News
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The telegram channel that previously reported that Putin had had a cardiac arrest is now saying he died this evening at his residence in Valdai.

So either it's true or future references to Putin will be about his double or the channel will finally be exposed as nonsense 



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I thought he met with Hamas yesterday?

In person royfromaus?  Most things I've heard about Putin lately have been that he has sent messages etc..  It's certainly a puzzle.

Question Author

General SVR has claimed frequently, and especially recently, that the Putin you see in the news is often a body double. 
However he is also claiming that there's a coup underway now, and "any attempt to pass off a double as the president after Putin’s death is a coup" 

This seems somewhat unlikely even in the wacky world of the Kremlin. None of the stuff this source has ever posted may be true. However I'm not sure anything has ever been proved to be false either. This however is either a "coup" as in a scoop or the post that exposes him as a fraud.

I mean how do you follow that?

generalsvr_en on X: "⚡️⚡️⚡️#PUTIN IS DEAD! Coup D'Etat in #Russia Attention! At the moment, there is an attempt at a coup in Russia! Russian President Vladimir Putin died tonight in a residence in Valdai. At 20.42 Moscow time, doctors stopped resuscitation and stated death. Now doctors are blocked…"; / X (


Even gives a time.


I've just now checked Al Jazeera and Sky News.  Nothing about Putin.

I think General SVR's method of checking accuracy of news is very similar to the way the Sunday Sport used to do it.

Sunday Sport's attitude was that if a reader told them a London bus had been found on the moon, who were they to doubt the story.

so he is just jerking us around? ho hum, nothng new then

As much as we'd all like it to be true, it looks like nonsense.


Not a dickie bird on Meduza,  the most dependable news outlet of the war, so it's fake.

what like the Sunday SPort - nun with 14 st breasts?

That's the one. News accuracy very similar to this cowboy outfit.

Question Author

Of course it's fake but the point is it's fakery that can't be covered up inkihe the other fakes 

Perhaps we will wake tomorrow to find it's true.

Vladimir Putin is NOT dead: Kremlin issues extraordinary denial to 'lies' via

Question Author

Well you know what they say, don't you.

Believe nothing until the Kremlin denies it.


maybe he is dead and one of his doubles is being used as a puppet by putins inner circle...

Question Author

The "doubles" thing is largely nonsense IMO.

I'm sure they are used for location shots but the idea it's a double for example going on a trip to China is simply not feasible 

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