Possible Attempted Suicide Of Ex-Russian President …

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ichkeria | 13:34 Tue 28th Jun 2022 | News
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… Medvedev

According to the Kremlin’s resident gossip columnist General SVR.
Here’s an extract:

“Yesterday, a suicide attempt by former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev was prevented. While cleaning Dmitry Medvedev's office, a woman from the servants accidentally drew attention to several sheets of paper written on the table and on the floor, apparently she was interested in the contents … guards found Dmitry Medvedev drunk and with a pistol in his right hand. After some persuasion, Medvedev handed over the pistol, which, as it turned out, was loaded with live ammunition. Under Medvedev, another note was discovered, apparently the sixth final version. Everything was immediately reported to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Putin ordered not to give Medvedev any more alcohol and to control every step until a special decision. The incident was decided not to be made public. In his notes, Dmitry Medvedev wrote that he could not endure humiliation and emotional distress, felt like a worthless person, incapable of anything, hated the war and those who unleashed it, and blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin (and others) In one version of the note, Medvedev writes that he is tired of being a puppet. Almost everything written is chaotic and emotional and apparently was written while intoxicated


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I don't believe a word that comes out of Russia these days.
Most 'suicides' in Russia seem to involve falling out of high windows.
Perhaps that will happen to Vladimir one day.
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No one knows if "General SVR" is a genuine Kremlin insider: the Times seemed to think he was back in Feb/Mar.
His posts are just about full of enough dullish detail to suggest it's at least someone v close to the inner Kremlin even if he may be a wind-up spreading disinformation.
My guess is he makes some of it up but not all. Nothing he has said so far has proved to be false.

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Possible Attempted Suicide Of Ex-Russian President …

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