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Do You Know Who ‘Dr. Death’ Is?

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Hymie | 21:01 Wed 25th Oct 2023 | News
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I’m willing to bet many are completely unaware, due to the Tory press suppressing this newsworthy story.

As this youtube video presenter points out, the excuses offered to date include ‘the dog ate my homework’ and ‘I’m too sick to attend class’.



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I thought it was an American Neurosurgeon.

Question Author

Any other guesses?

Watched the video Hymie Brilliant... I dare Naomi and her puppet master to watch it.

It is rishi sunak innit?

the oral evidence to the inquiry is being carriedby the broad sheets

move on - nothing to see here


Just 2 recent examples.

What news blackout?

I've a feeling there's other things leading the News bulletins at the moment.

The enquiry will take many, many months collecting evidence so it's hardly going to topple Gaza, Ukraine, Party Conferences, by-Elections, off the front pages each day

When all these dodgy contracts worth Millions of pounds were handed out from Boris to his Cronies did they reimburse him???

Its not Nicola Sturgeon is it Hymie?😏

Is this the Rishi Sunak's. "Eat out to help out spread Covid" scheme, that was introduced when he, and Pinocchio were in charge, and the tax payer  picked up the tabs.  Hence "Dr Death"


Does she mention discharging patients to care homes which spread covid amongst some of the most vulnerable in our society?


I'm sure that was much more of a problem than 'help out to eat out'- we did the latter but were always sitting outside at table about 6 feet away from anyone. The enquiry has already covered the hospital to care home discharges- that will be a key finding, I'm sure.

I just don't understand why Hymie pretends there is press suppresion when it's in the papers (yes, no longer front page owing to Gaza, conferences, storms, etc), streamed etc. The Guardian loves publishing reports on it. The Scottish one is very open and will cover  a lot of the same ground.

Question Author

Apparently the Covid inquiry is to investigate the illegal VIP lanes, whereby MPs and their mates were paid millions of tax-payer money for supplying useless PPE equipment at inflated prices.

With any luck, a few Tory MPs and their mates will be banged-up for their corruption.

Lets hope that is the case Hymie.

Even as a staunch Conservative (not a supporter of this bunch of liberals who are really New Labour II) I will happily throw them in and turn the key myself.

But I wouldnt hold your breath.

YMB 13.10 .Yes lets start by locking the Ring leader of the Tory Mafia Crony club up....Boris Johnson.. You lock him up ..I will throw away the key .Can't wait.

Question Author

My mate Phil explains more on this Tory VIP lane scandal:-

@16.20.Along with Nicola Sturgeon,gulliver.Johnson and Sturgeon,what a pair of bastrads,eh?

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Do You Know Who ‘Dr. Death’ Is?

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