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If The Tory Govt Were A Business They Would Have Gone Bust By Now.

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gulliver1 | 19:16 Wed 25th Oct 2023 | News
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The Cons have backed themselves into a corner.There is no room for tax cuts to entice their desperate plea for voters at the GE .Immigration is at an all time High, despite Boris saying vote for Brexit and me and we will take back control of our own Borders .This Present Tory Govt could not run a Brothel in a Brewery



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But they aren't, are they. That's akin to idiot football fans chanting "Sack the board!"

What an interesting life you lead..all day every day looking for stories about the UK government , a country you dont even live in, and getting somebody to post them on here for you because you dont know how to...if thats not a loser i dont know what is...

Where do you live, Gulliver?

gulliver1 does the name Liam Byrne ring and bells.

Gulliver1. You'd make a good agony aunt for the disenfranchised who lack ambition but excel in intent.

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No doubt about it this Govt would have gone into receivership by now if it had been a Business .

blimey Men can be batches - gully

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Receivership .".Pay back the lender" in this case make the Con Crony Club pay back the tax payer for all they milked from them during Covid.




send them all to Gaza !

yeah wiv' allahu akbar tattoed across their foreheads

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19.30 Where do you live, Tilly?

I'll do the decent thing and correct your point Gulliver.

If ANY Goverment were a business they would have gone bust by now. 

No need to thank me.

ALL governments are wasteful, for the simple reason all the money they have is not theirs. It's ours. And it's easy to spend other people's money.

I don't like the current Tories because (a) they ain't Tories and (b) I will never forgive them for the way they dealt with Covid, but your OP shows ignorance of breathtaking proportions.

I'd suggest you leave important discussions to the grown ups. 

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"Where do you live, Tilly?"

so instead of answering the question you ask one....

even la la land woudlnt want you as a resident, youd just drag them down to your level

Plenty of Labour councils have gone bankrupt

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If The Tory Govt Were A Business They Would Have Gone Bust By Now.

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