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Oh Dear, It Looks Like Boris And His Family/Friends Are In Line For A Covid Fine

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Hymie | 21:04 Tue 23rd May 2023 | News
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In Boris’s case, it will be a second.


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I am sure he is worried . Think he might find some loose change.
I definitely thought Gulliver would be first with this, well done Hymie ;0)
look at the chaos boys and girls

we are now agonising over Braverman
and years ago, the mandarins just said - "covid -bozze party, well where's the tax payer bubbly? Bonzo Boris !"
Question Author
It’s difficult to keep up with the amount of law-breaking from our leaders – apologies for the delay.
this reminds me VERY much of the chaos in the Tory party
1962-4 which led to Harold Wilson's victory.

at the time, credited to TW3 - which even at the time ( I was oonly little) I thought unlikely
Question Author
It reminds me of the end of John Major’s tenure – but the sleaze/corruption just keeps on coming.
Added to which, they are trying to polish the turd that Brexit is.
-- answer removed --
oh no! it looks like everyone who said it was all just meetings with co-workers were terribly mistaken!

dear oh dear. what an awful mix up... could have happened to anyone
Great timing. That’s handy.
the timing is connected with going thro his ( Boris, that is!) diaries
in connection with the Covid inquiry.

Boris has not been squealing because " recollections vary"
Question Author
Apparently the fool is planning to sue the government for telling the police he broke the law, without telling him.

Imagine if everyone had to inform the perpetrator of law-breaking, before reporting it to the police – this is the strange world in which Boris lives.
An habitual criminal m'!ud, known as Dick Tuppin.
He should have had beer and curry, then all would be ok.

This is now a witch hunt. Who cares, stop wasting public money and move on, Johnson is yesterdays man now.
Hymie 07.43 The fool is planning to sue the Govt.
No doubt the taxpayer will foot the Bill . But if he wins the case and gets millions in compo, that will be his for the taking. not the tax payers.
But after all he is in the Con Party.
Question Author
Oh dear, it now appears that this law-breaking relates to not just one party, but multiple parties Boris held at Chequers during the Covid lockdown.
12,59 Hymie. Just a silly question .Were these parties tax payer funded ?
shame that the Labour Party has been fined seven times for not submitting proper accounts in time.

//12,59 Hymie. Just a silly question .Were these parties tax payer funded ? ''
Just another one amogst every other one.
Question Author
In my post @12:59 multiple parties at Chequers were mentioned – my understanding is that multiple number to be 17 (no wonder Boris is worried).

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Oh Dear, It Looks Like Boris And His Family/Friends Are In Line For A Covid Fine

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