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Paigntonian | 19:49 Tue 05th Jul 2022 | News
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A PPS resigns. Didn't catch name.


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Andrew Brigin says the 22 Committee will change leadership rules next week.
If Boris doesn’t see the writing on the wall – that his fellow MPs are to change the rules in order to get rid of this incompetent fool – he is even more stupid than I give him credit for.
Boris Gonesoon
Boris beenhere
Boris Notgodunov
Boris (No)Jobsoon.
Other resignations

Jonathan Gullis – Northern Ireland
Saqib Bhatti – Health
Nicola Richards – Transport

Tory chairmen
Bim Afolami – Youth

Trade envoys
Andrew Murrison – Morocco
who gives a feck about Morocco?
People who know about trade?
// who gives a feck about Morocco?//

I bet he said:
al - shogl halas !

thank god for google - no that is - 'the work, fineesh!"
OK not maghrebi but Egyptian - - AB always attracted the tawdry and cheapest...
whilst we are it babies
can we distinguish
PPS - parliamentary private secretary - electedMP on four year tenure

and PS, PUS ( permanent secretary, permanent under-secretary ) Mandarin ( high up civil service employee = haut fonctionnaire sort of).
Lord Foppington of the letter this am ( OK Lord macDonald of which I regret there are more than a few) was a PUS, PS and then head of the civil service.

just adding a bit of colour to the discussion

oh and who started - - if a minister lies I must speak out?
why - - - Clive Ponting who was indicted for spying over the Falkands and the sinking of the Belgrano
One name missing from that list as far as I am concered.

Johnson. For the love of God go now man.
Time for a bit of light humour at this serious time.

Other resignations PPSs
Jonathan Gullis – flew out of Northern Ireland
Saqib Bhatti – Fireworks and Fun - known as Damp Saqib....

Bim Aboye - his muvva said later - "what a bim, I tole him the chile not to"
It was a stupid thing to say.
An it has quickly come back to haunt him.
indeed, Maggie sent shivers down spines by saying she hoped to go on and on. But she didn't.

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