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douglas9401 | 13:14 Tue 28th Jun 2022 | News
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"Truss dismisses Macron's suggestion UK might be keen on joining new European political community"

(The Guardian)


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How long before a shouty man demands a link?
You can always count on Truss to support Brexit.
//You can always count on Truss to support Brexit.//
Except, of course, when she was campaigning for Remain. :-)
So is there a link or have you made it up?

Why on earth would any Minister want to go against the will of the people and join an European political community(EU by any other name)?

You lost get over it.
I think the invitation was pretty much declined a couple of months ago when it was first issued.
What are you talking about Doug?
You upsetting Mr Shouty Mouth again Doug.

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