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The Strange Thing About The War Coverage….

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Theblip | 22:45 Wed 09th Mar 2022 | News
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It would appear that the ultimate bully is currently holding the World to ransom, and that the only way this war could be stopped is if Putin is assassinated. Yet in all the immense media coverage I’ve seen so far, there’s been no discussions as to how this could be achieved, where Putin is, how he might be accessed, etc. Or maybe you’ll tell me there has and I’ve simply missed it - in which case please provide links. Maybe I’ve watched too many movies in my time but I hope a crack SAS Team are currently concocting an amazing assault. Putin will presumably have been protecting himself to the max against the possibility of being personally targeted, so realistically we can probably only hope his defences are penetrated sometime soon by disillusioned member(s) of his inner circle who are prepared to sacrifice their own life in doing so…though if successful it may save millions of other lives. Tragically, even if Putin is disposed of, there may be disciples of a similar kind and mind in line to replace him. What are your thoughts on all this?


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people from his inner sanctum tried to kill Hitler but it didn't work, mostly through sheer bad luck. Lots of people tried to kill Queen Victoria, for that matter. It can be easier said than done.
"Will no one rid me of this troublesome priests" Words used to bring about the death of Thomas a Becket. Maybe a courageous general or ordinary person will oblige
I would imagine that his cronies and henchmen who are close to him are probably enjoying a life of luxury by association and they might not want that to end by bumping him off.
are you serious that the bbc might have an in-depth program about how a world leader might be assassinated?
sounds like yet another plot for Emmerdale...if it is going to come, it will be from within the Fortress.
theblip, all possibilities will be being discussed but do you really think they'd be doing it publicly?
As I see it, most of the sanctions are about causing such discomfort in Russia and for Russians elsewhere (e.g. oligarchs) that, if Putin himself doesn't relent, then others may get rid of him somehow ...

It's difficult to see how, once the war is over somehow, hopefully non-nuclear, Putin could remain on the world stage ...
Indira Ghandi was killed by her own bodyguards.

Mind you, whoever did it would be committing suicide effectively.
They are probably discouraged from doing it by the thought of what would happen to their families.
Putin is well aware of assassination possibilities, its not because of Covid he sits at the end of the table away from everyone that is just what is told to the plebs.

As jno rightly says assassination of top leaders is not an easy task. Easy from an armchair but on the ground whoever does it is likely to be killed themselves in the attempt whether or not they succeed.

And then of course you are expecting his successor to be better. Let me tell you, there is a very good chance he will be worse.
The removal of Putin from within, which is very possible, probably would not lead to a dramatic shift in the Russian mindset.

We think of this as Putin's crusade against Ukraine, and so it is, but it isn't only he who sees Ukraine the way he does. Who wrote his notorious Monday night cod-history rant? Very possibly a man called Vladimir Medinsky, who has been the man leading the "peace delegation" in Belarus.
What it probably would do is bring an end to the current military campaign. It is too soon to call it a fiasco, but it is getting that way.
ymb// there is a very good chance he will be worse//
I can't honestly see how.
There must be a few people seeing an Ides of March opportunity in this situation. I'm not talking about assassination, more a coup.

Anyone grabbing power and stopping the war at this point would be seen as the saviour of both countries irrespective of their motives.
Yes, he could be assassinated but who takes his place?. Is it better to leave him there and beat him or bump him off and perhaps one of his acolytes taking over?. It is a good question.
It wouldn't really matter who takes over at this point as long as they stop the war and are happy to be the new Russian dictator without harbouring insane notions of restoring the old soviet Union to it's former 'glory'.
I don't suppose anybody thought to contact Reacher did they?

Nonsense yes but I'm just joining in.

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The Strange Thing About The War Coverage….

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