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Ric.ror | 16:15 Sat 27th Nov 2021 | News
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Anyone know what time its on?
We could be heading for more restrictions


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Masks in shops and on transport. What about the pubs,clubs, restaurants etc....
Boris is going to let us know in 3 weeks time if further restrictions will be needed !!!
Once again it's too little ,too late. This new variant has probably been brought in already by some of the travellers from South Africa .
Three weeks time! Surely that should be NOW. Midnight tonight at the latest.
^^^ lady-janine, The masks now but he will review the situation in 3 weeks .
andres - if this variant is as harmful as predicted surely we should be trying to control it now. Fortunately where I live most people are behaving carefully but other members of my family are not so lucky. I am sure this applies to quite a lot of people. I'm just trying to consider the vulnerable ones.
I quite agree ^^. If Boris does leave it for 3weeks it will then only be a week from Christmas.
Holds head in hands and groans.
Just to be pedantic Peter, the Chinese released the Covid gene sequencing data on over the January 11 to January 12 2020 weekend revealing the full genome.

Researchers the world over downloaded the data causing the servers to crash within a very short time.

Calling it an amino acid printout is far from correct as you acknowledge but it was not a mRNA printout either was it?

Sarah is indeed an extremely clever scientist who I know very well as I've said before on AB and I've had the pleasure in assisting her in some of the more obscure aspects of SARS-CoV-2 biochemistry amongst other things. To my mind, she is up there with the likes of Jonas Salk.

Incidentally, oh-my-cron is being investigated at my BSL-4 laboratories 24 hours a day right now and in-vitro research began prior to the first two recorded cases in the UK.

The Omicron variant is a godsend for Boris.
He ripped up the covid rules in July - no masks, no social distancing, crowds back. Getting the economy going again took precedent over grannies dying.
And the result was a fourth wave. 50,000 daily cases despite nearly 70% double jabbed, over a hundred deaths a day, but Boris ruled out anymore lockdowns, and eased restrictions.

The Omicron variant makes it easy for Boris to make one more of his trademark u-turns. Forget everything said in July, the new variant (2 cases in UK) means we are back to square one.
no we are not back to square one, stop being so dramatic.
Cases going up as expected because everything is now open. Not sure on the deaths though as it is anyone who dies after testing positive within a certain time period. Many of those may not have had any symptoms but they are still included in the figures.
Hi Prof!
welcome back
you must be working over time
and as THAT kind of professor (*)
what is your opinion of the 40 changes ?

do they involve the epitope on the antibody? - old terminology, I am stuck at porton 1970.

an delta G - yup you read right, is dG more negative - that means the interaction is harder to break, that is the the spikeprotein -ACE2 complex is more stable, and harder to dissociate

(*) THAT does not mean hands-on pervy professor ! joke joke

yeah bituvva shock reading that on AB huh?
Gromit, don't be so ridiculous. Anyone with any sense knows that as situations change so must methods of addressing them. I don’t doubt for a moment that you don't understand that but you won't let it stop you stirring.
Gromiy it's not 50000 a day. And England's data is no worse than rest of UK despite different rules
oh and if you see Saree Gilbert say she has a masked admirer and she hasnt been honoured enough....
perhaps missing out the bit about the billion
// it's not 50000 [new cases] a day. //

How many is it then ?

40000 on average. Only been 50000 on 3 days since July.
// Gromit, don't be so ridiculous.//
she's quite right Gromit

she makes sure that only sensible threads and comments make it on AB - besides that awful Gulliver of course - beyond reform - inveterate ingrained stupidity

A month ago it was 26,000 and yesterday it was 50.000.
It has doubled in 5 weeks.

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