Pm Press Conference

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Ric.ror | 15:15 Sat 27th Nov 2021 | News
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Anyone know what time its on?
We could be heading for more restrictions


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5 o’clock BBC News
Two cases of new variant found here. One in Chelmsford and one in Nottinghamshire. The people are connected and came in from South Africa. Last I heard came in from South Africa. Press conference at 5.30pm.
Warnings of some changes.
65 cases in the Netherlands coming in from South Africa.
Too close for comfort to us near the Norfolk Coast!
no bbc news until 5-30 - unless it's so important it's being screened on the yokohama docks cablevision channel?
Riptide, have the 65 cases been confirmed as the Omicron variant? The article I read said only that they had been identified as 'Covid positive'.
His press conference is in Downing Street from 5pm.
Think there will be a lockdown before Christmas, and lasting into the New year.
....And not only in the UK.....
Neveracrossword, testing of the covid positive passengers is still ongoing to see how many have the Omicron variant, if any, and we still await the figure.
Apparently it’s 61 cases from a total of 600 passengers from South Africa. They are testing them for the new variant, worrying whatever it is that there are that many covid cases arriving by plane.
In today's Times, Prof. Whitty says he doesn't feel there is a need for more restrictions, at the moment.
Thanks, Riptide. 65 cases definitely isn't good, but I have no idea if that varies widely from other days, other batches of arrivals. I'll be glad when we get further information on those numbers, in relation to the new variant.
Spot on Gulliver.Boris going to bring back compulsory mask wearing,should never have relaxed in the first place.Have booked to fly to USA in New Year reckon that will be cancelled shortly when planes are grounded again.
17.49 lets hope that when Boris brings in Compulsory wearing of masks .
.... That he himself obeys his own rules...

The rules don't apply to Bozo's like him.
They were the ones entering Schipol - 61 oudda 600 passengers.

I have commented elsewhere that some MUST have known they were travelling whilst they were ill

Now - - since we are here - it ( o-covid) lasck the S prot which is picked up by PCR so.....
of those who test positive - - look for S
and if it is lacking then it is likely to be omicron - clever huh?

I wish they would say oh-my-cron but even classic trained Boris says ommi - kron

Saree Gilbert has not had anyfing like the credit she deserves. OK she is worffa billion on her own efforts BUT
the clever clever girl when she got the amino acid print out from the Chinese OK mRNA print out - sought out and selected the LEAST variable section to direct production of the antiboy

but would it interfere with binding - the world held its breath ....
I think a lockdown is now imminent, there is no other way to stop this new variant spreading over the Christmas holiday.
fat peppa pig - Boris that is ! - has insisted over his dead body ....
the south africans are insisting it results in a mild infection....
( not very likely in a the middle of a pandemic, infections usually get more severe)

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Pm Press Conference

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