Did You Watch The Russian Ambassadors Press Conference On Sky Today?

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needawin | 20:52 Thu 22nd Mar 2018 | News
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The Russian Ambassador gave a live press conference this afternoon (Thursday) on Sky News.
He answered questions for well over an hour.
He stated that he would answer questions for as long as required.
Some journalists were even able to ask numerous questions over the period.
He gave a good insight into the real Boris Johnston! A paper tiger!
What a difference to press conferences given by the Conservatives where certain media are planted and told which "safe" questions to ask and last only minutes.
Here we had the other side of the story where we learned that no information, germ samples, blood samples or medical information was ever given to Russia as evidence.
Thankfully a judge has now ruled they are to get samples!


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Operation unthinkable perhaps should have been thinkable.
The japanese emperor said in 1945
"it is time to think the unthinkable - to endure the unendurable"
but tovarich Putin isnt there, I am afraid

OP post needs a bit of correcting

yes I did watch the interview - the reason I thought that the Kremlin hadnt done the conference whilst the iron was hot the day before was that they didnt have an English speaker good enough.

An ambassadee is an honest man sent abroad to lie for his country

and he was....

Say you were 20 in 1945 - born 1925 - so today as a vet he would be aged 93. Not many of them around. Virtually no one on the arctic convoys. - the western view of the Russian victory in Germany is that they may not stop until they get to Paris ( as they did in 1815 ). The russians liberating Berlin wasnt looked on with any pleasure by the germans or the western allies

And by August 1945 - the cossacks were being sent back to Uncle joe ( Stalin that is!) to their deaths. So the western love affair with the Red Armey lasted about three months

He went onto some anbassadorial non sequiturs
was it coincident that Porton Down was just down the road. Well yes it has to be as it took the authorities 48 h to realise that something was amiss ( we dont think there hasbeen a crime - Chief Constable of Wilts - oops! )

There are no germ samples because they dont exist.
The agent used was a chemical A234 - one of the novichok agents - and this is not a germ. You dont send samples to the aggressor and ask - "did you do this?" because often they will say "no".

I got a bit bored with it all

The judge has NOT ordered that samples be given to the Russians. He has consented on behalf of the Skripals to draw blood. You may wonder why or how someone can be on an ITU and blood not drawn for 20 d after admission.
It has of course
This blood is for tests which may not be in the direct interests of the patient- altho I would have thought knowing whether or not one has been poisoned by nerve gas and which, WOULD be. but that's me. chasing diagnoses and so on

Corbyn I thought did very badly -
//The japanese emperor said in 1945\\

He also said, "The conduct of the war has turned out not necessarily to our advantage."

and the japanese listening ALL thought
" Christ we have lost the war !"

Hi Jack - did you do the Latin question which was somewhere a few days ago - to what extent did ROman Women contirbute to the intellectual culture of Rome?"

Oh yeah - the Russian ambassady complained that his men wiv more gas yeah? had been refused consular access to the Russian nationals in Salisbury.
I mean ya gotta laugh at things like that
Didn't see it.
Well the Russians have had a number of days to come up with whatever it is they say.

As has been said a few times, you don't give the revolver that killed someone to the person you suspect of shooting them. You give it first to your own forensic people then to neutral forensic agency for them to verify, confirm or disagree with your findings. I think that has now been done.

We already knew that Russia had not been given any ‘samples’ because the PM stated quite clearly - and correctly - at the time that they werent going to be given any. They had no right to be given any, and nor will they be given any.
The evidence has gone to the independent OPCW as is correct under the terms of the chemical weapons treaty.
I think Boris should get tough with the Russians, and make more sanctions.
He could return the Russian donations to the Conservative Party .
that would teach them! eh.
Well Gulliver it depends on who the Russians that donated were.

If for example you Gulliver you emigrated to NK (for whatever reason) and gave £50 to the NK government because you thought it a jolly good idea and they were jolly decent to take you in and all that. But the NK government at some point decided that the UK government had done something they weren't happy with would it be right that you, as a UK citizen living in NK be tarred with the same brush?

Now iM sure we would all like a refund and would be laughing all the way to the bank but to be vilified for something you have not not done or had no involvement is a bit unfair don't you think?

Or is it just that you cannot get past the word Russian and therefore NK all its citizens are the government?
so the Cons should return Russian money
and the Labour party shouldnt ?
or they should ?

back to deadly nerve gas .....

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