This Is A Hard One To Take

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royfromaus | 14:06 Fri 26th Nov 2021 | News
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I usually keep out of the trans discussions but this had me face-palming.

She is charged with committing a public nuisance by indecently exposing her penis to other members of the public, whilst masturbating from a property window.


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Interesting llink Naomi but dosn't it seem odd that someone would set up a site/journal to log crimes by one particular social group? Why just for trans people? Do they have a seperate regsister for different religions, genders, skin colours, disabililty...?? Something dodgy about it to me

Two other headlines from that same Teeside paper makes me wonder whats going on up there (maybe Bobbisox can say)?

Norton man, 50, caught on CCTV having sex in alleyway is named

Man admits making image of 'extreme' sex act with pig
They do, actually, bobbin. Most likely, it's because we know the crime rates remain the same between "transwomen" and other men, but vary hugely from women. Someone needs to separate them, or male crimes add to the female statistics.
At least, it solves the pay gap overnight, I guess....
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Right, so Chloe isn't trans she's just a woman with a penis, jno?

Got it.
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Roy, out of interest, how would you suggest he should be kept out of a women's prison?

Well I would suggest using common sense but I know that doesn't really hold much weight anymore.

Fair enough. Thanks x
Bobbin, why not log crimes of one particular group?
I'm guessing it ends in 'ic' or 'ist', Naomi.
This is a bard one to swallow, surely

when will women learn that you cant show your penis in public?
Only someone with an unhealthy anti trans agenda would log and publish details of crimes from one specific gender. It would be creepy if someone for example had a site dedicated to crimes by gingers or fat people or lesbians or Christians or Welshmen or disabled people
// I'm guessing it ends in 'ic' or 'ist', Naomi.//

is winkist a word?
It does indeed specerack and am sure your all for any ics or ists as your posts regularly show
I usually keep out of the trans discussions but this had me face-palming.
no no
I usually keep out of the trans discussions but I had stick my sticky little fingers into this: it is a hard one to get around
I disagree bobbin. Women (real women) have been attacked by men identifying as women - in prisons too. Why shouldn’t that be recorded? Are you more concerned with (as spice says) the ics and ists?
14:31. Rubbish, bobbin. All kinds of crimes are published, in group, if only by Google. Men and women are different- not better or worse, different. And any attempt to try to improve, requires reasons (sorry for the "psychobabble" naomi :-)).
I wouldn't put black show polish on my face, adopt my very best Jamaican accent and expect it not to be insulting. Why treat women differently? I have asked this to Jim360 and SP, (ignoring work), who were unfortunately too busy to answer. Maybe you can explain, bobbin?
// I wouldn't put black show polish on my face,//
yeah but no but no one is asking you to wear a strap-on penis.....

as for psycho-babble, AB threads are full of it....
The point is, even if did, PP, it wouldn't make me "a man".
Why care about bad people, bobbin.
Plenty of decent people and innocent children suffering in Waukesha because of another low-life kept out of prison by a-holes.
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