Are We Looking Here At The Next French President?

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Khandro | 22:58 Fri 26th Nov 2021 | News
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I sincerely hope so;


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Why, Khandro. Does whoever the French elect directly concern you? Personally i couldn't give a stale croissant who they pick.
Éric Justin Léon Zemmour:

Most mainstream news organisations label Zemmour as far-right, he politically self-identifies as Gaullist and Bonapartist.

So No, not the next President.
Ken; you should. He's worse than Farridge, Trump and Khandro all rolled together.
Look him up.
Question Author
Gromit & Atheist are against him, so he must be getting it right.

Ken, how can you think that the president of France doesn't affect you?
Khandro; I found an ancient book which told me what he is (all allegorical of course, but the underlying message resonated with quipu knot 'writings' that I saw explained in a W E Johns work dealing with Inca culture, which is very explicit to those who care to study it for many years, providing they have the right spiritual approach and are not simply sceptical septics).
By all accounts, he makes Marine Le Pen look like a moderate.
Go on then, Khandro, explain how the president of France affects my day to day routine.
I wouldn’t class Zemmour as “far right” tho as you can see from this post the far right may claim him as one of their own.
If he takes votes from Le Pen all well and good. And let’s face it playing to the right is in the minds of a lot of politicians on both sides of the channel just now especially in France, which explains a lot.
I think we should take an interest in who our nearest neighbours elect to be honest
I did a similar post here about the “unknown” Macron a few years back and look what happened to him
Question Author
ken; //Go on then, Khandro, explain how the president of France affects my day to day routine//

Well, you could start by looking at the English Channel.
very interesting man, shame that he has been banned from speaking in some areas of the UK, Sadiq Khan is an idiot.
He is a bit of a crank though.
I’m not sure the French are quite in crankshaft mode yet :-)
He was in London last week Emmie campaigning to French immigrants.
The Royal Institution cancelled a recent invitation, after finding about his convictions, but that had nothing to do with Khan.
far from being a crank, he has some sound ideas, much better than let them all in, Emmanuel Macron.
Khan said he wasn't welcome, how dare he speak for Londoners - who knows he might have given a good speech,
He can come to London whenever he wants. He was here last week. The only person who can ban him is Priti Patel, and she hasn’t done.
good then.
I spoke out of turn:
He’s an out and out crank

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Are We Looking Here At The Next French President?

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