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Well, yes!
45,533,496 UK vaccinations.
8 deaths from TTS after vaccination.
139,461 deaths from Covid.

Still makes sense to have the vaccination.
//Still makes sense to have the vaccination.//

Well not for her!

It was of course very unlucky. Unfortunately it will affect some.

//139,461 deaths from Covid.//

No 139,461 deaths registered WITH Covid in the last 28 days.
Who knows if it was bad luck, or a failure to properly check for underlying pre-conditions. For the majority, it does make sense to have it. You just don't know whether you yourself, might be "unlucky", which is why I think people need to decide for themselves.
///139,461 deaths from Covid.//

for all time - since it started.
if you are covid+ and run over then it will be counted as an RTA for some purposes and covid linked in others depending on what the list is for -

This is to head off = the category of "died from something else"to hide or "doctor" figures

In treating leukaemia, Mathe had a category of 'died cured' and that was 1959
Very true, pp, and serious side-effects aren't all reported. We had a 94 year old who had several severe angina attacks immediately after his first- obviously a clotting issue. Thankfully, no dementia etc and decided not to have the second, or report it.
Yes, she was one of the rare unlucky ones. Good luck to her.
I'm just wondering what the alternative to her being unlucky would be...she's lucky to suffer a rare side effect?

Even if the vaccine is a deliberate poison and she's one of the very few people it actually worked on, that still makes her unlucky right?
Can people stop going on about how many have died, get over it and move on.

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