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No. But //I am excited to send out my first TRUTH on TRUTH Social very soon//
Says it all lol. His very first....
Will you not be joining, TORATORATORA?
""We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American President has been silenced."

Assuming he's not talking about JFK, who was silenced in 1963, then he's obviously not planning a particularly inclusive reach.
His own "Ministry of Truth" ... Hmmm
I would say that title was ironic, if I thought for one moment that Mr Trump knew what the word meant.
His hands are so small, like a child’s !!
It'll make the Mail online forum look like backstage at a Red Wedge concert.

I think I'll pass.
You have reeled in the usual Anti Trump TTT!

Laughable the lot of them. He obviously did something correct if he upset this lot so much!!
That is most damning comment of all on Trunp and it comes from one of his presumed supporters :-)
I don't get the impression that " this lot " is upset. More likely amused by how your favourite presidents mind works.
Question Author
yep YMB, like catching mackerel with tin foil!
He's entertaining, rather than upsetting.
I don’t think anyone is upset….. it’s more like laughing
I tried to get the app, not available :(

Seems it’s already been hacked
Well he's not my favourite President as I have never had one nor will I unless the UK becomes a Republic maybe.

But if he upset you lefties to such a degree that you still bang on about him (and what has small hands got to do with it?) when he is now irrelevant then he must have done something right.

I see not one of you actually answered the OP.
Lol :-). Who needs Soaps, when Trump is online.
I did, ymb.
///I see not one of you actually answered the OP.///

Lol… righty flustering… you never answered either
//I did, ymb.//

Aye .. me too
said if he'll be joining.
Having said that, I'm neither a lefty, nor bang on about Trump. But I admit i enjoy the occasional AB updates of what he is up to this time :-)

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