Rip Colin Powell

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Bobbisox1 | 12:25 Mon 18th Oct 2021 | News
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I always thought he was clear and concise when facing the worlds media over the invasion of Iraq ,but Covid got him in the end , one of life’s gentleman

Colin Powell: Former US Secretary of State dies following COVID complications, says family


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Agreed Bobbi.
He was double jabbed.
Just heard this on the news going to shops, very sad.
I always thought him a dignified man.
wiki on Colin Powell - - worffa read

I recollect that he had said that in the British Army he couldnt get beyond sergeant, - and then it was clarified a la AB ( you know it goes the opposite ) that if he HAD been in a British regiment he couldnt have been able to rise above sergeant but he wasnt ( in the Army )

Served early in Vietnam 1960-4 and was asked to report on the My Lai massacre ( remember Lieut Calley etc ?) and turned in a report that said - - - it never happened

Christ no wonder he went to the top of the white establishment

Lied about weapons of mass destruction 2003 and was forced to resign 2004 - Bush was re elected and he wasnt re appointed

so sortta my kinda guy !
dignified liar more like
RIP Colin Powell.
|I was taken in by the stuff about weapons of mass destruction
- - Dr Germ and Mrs Anthrax....

bombing the milk factory in mistake for a germ warfare lab - Ithought well evryone makes mistakes ....
er Yes RIP I mean
Question Author
PP, if you want to discuss the Iraq war then start a thread, this to show respect to a man that’s died which you don’t agree with
Hi Bobbi
Colin Powell made the speech about the weapons of mass d
So it is directly concerned with his death because ..... it is one of his actions ( dodgy or otherwise ) when he was alive. - which is usually covered in an obit - - and was very influential.
but of course you really knew that....
Didn't know the man, but from what I've read he was well respected. As quoted by John Donne "any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind."
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Most of the deaths are from people double jabbed which would be obvious to someone with an ounce of sense. I struggle with what's behind gromit's nastiness. Are you an anti Vaxxer gromit?
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It wasn’t a nasty comment TTT.
I was pointing out a fact, Powell had both jabs but still died of covid. I am not saying people shouldn’t be vaccinated.
Yes that's why it's not 100% effective, that's why they say things like 95%, it means no everyone is protected. You just seem to enjoy these deaths gromit.

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Rip Colin Powell

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