Yet Another Contribution From The Worlds No2 Climate Responder....

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ToraToraTora | 13:40 Mon 18th Oct 2021 | News
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Are you unable to contact her?

I should imagine she's very impressed by it.
How much is all this costing?
How is this a bad thing?
//The distinctive curvature of Orkney's £65m Balfour hospital is most apparent from above.//

It is an amazing building.
£65 million.

Quite the bargain in this day and age.
probably quite expensive if costed per bed?
Ninewells Hospital in Dundee cost £25 million to build in 1974. Reckon this is a bargain in 2019.
Even more of a bargain when you consider the £35 million shelled out to buy off the PFI parking scam from the '90s.
Only 49 patient beds in that huge building?
But theres probably offices for 50 managers aswell sanmac.
NHS Orkney serves a population of around 21,349, a larger Hospital would have been unnecessary.
As long as the other 21,300 don't become unwell or pregnant.
As long as this eco virtue signalling isn't more expensive than a conventional hospital.
...some of the other...
Obviously, if the entire population of Orkney needed hospitalising at once they couldn't cope but then I doubt any hospital could.
In the large majority of cases new Mums and babies go home after a few hours.

I am guessing that some figures were scribbled on a piece of paper first.
Question Author
mozz: "How is this a bad thing? " - who said it was a bad thing? It's a good thing and underlines our commitment and yet another reason why Greta should go and haunt somewhere like China.
I wonder if the hospital treats sad old men with an unhealthy obsession with an 18 year old girl?
That's done elsewhere in the island group, Gromit, Hoy to be specific.

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Yet Another Contribution From The Worlds No2 Climate Responder....

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