Anti-Vaxxer Mother And Daughter Die From Covid

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naomi24 | 08:49 Sat 18th Sep 2021 | News
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//An anti-vaxxer mother and her daughter died just days apart in a Belfast hospital after they contracted Covid-19, leaving their family “devastated”.

The BBC reported that Sammie-Jo Forde, 32, died in the Ulster hospital on Saturday, where she had been treated on the same ward as her mother, Heather Maddern, 55, who died on 31 August.//

What a waste of life.


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Their stupidity cost them their lives.
Probably won't persuade anyone whose a commited anti vaxxer though. May even strengthen there view, may be they were bumped off as part of the conspiracy
Quite a leap there at 09:01.

They were both care workers, what is it with these care workers, are they all ignoramus who have no concerns for the people they are caring for? Hopefully Darwin's Law will repeat itself until these stupid people realise it's not all a conspiracy and getting vaccinated is for the good of everyone.
Question Author
If some think it's a conspiracy what do they think is the purpose of the conspiracy?
natural selection at work.
‘ bumped off’ ? Ohhhhhhhh.
Another sad case which i hope the Anti-Vax brigade learn something from.
// Quite a leap there at 09:01.// - speak to an anti-vaxxer. without laugjing or they get up and walk away

even a lifetime on AB will not prepare you for the astounding leaps - -
"I think it is possible Madonna is putting microchips in the vaccine."
No we are in Norf England - her reach is not that long
" so you say - - but then why is it on the internet?"

I did a whitty - look you are over 60 you have a decent chance of dying if you get covid
and got in reply: sez you - I am going to take my chances!

She had replaced a 30 y old who had covid 12 months ago and had not worked since. Long Covid. god it doesnt pay!
and he said like how!
well two more who fortunately will not treat my mother....not much sympathy here, I have to say, much that I don't really want to.
This won't influence anti vaxers. I chatted to a small group of people in hiviz jackets waving placards saying save our children and refuse the experimental vaccinne. They were convinced all the doctors and scientists and goverment are living to us. One poster claimed the true figures are 70000 covid deaths and one million in UK have died from the vaccine. When I said I didn't believe them they said 'do some research and you'll find the real truth. Start with youtube'
ok time for ablutions and then swing into action-mode...a coffee first though before the action. Have a good one...
wrong thread Dtc......
what a waste, silly women not to have the vaccination...
My friend has been posting anti-vax stuff on Facebook. She’s an intelligent woman, but has always been into the slightly ‘woo-woo’ side of life. Tarot cards, crystals, homeopathy etc. but I didn’t expect her to fall in with the conspiracy theorists. A bit worrying.
Question Author
The anti-vaxxers are targeting schoolchildren outside schools now.

Poor kids. How confusing for them. These are dangerous people.
I just think it is sad that social media is still allowing the spreading of such dangerous rubbish. Even if some way down the line a problem occurs; and there is no reason at all to think it will, at least people will be alive, and hopefully well to deal with it.
If all it protected against was long covid it would be worth it, but it can save lives and one day I believe they will have a vaccine that also prevents transmission, I online by then the ignorant and or misguided will have come to their senses.
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I had that very argument with someone yesterday, Rowan. She was banging on about ‘it could affect their fertility’. Death has a pretty profound effect on fertility too.
I have no problem with anyone who quietly and for their own reasons, don’t get the vaccine, what I’m against are these great unwashed who target young impressionable people like schoolchildren,the law should clamp down on this kind of behaviour
I wonder why grown up people see thousands dying and then decide it is not real and it is instead the authorities trying to control them?
Has the internet become more trusted than scientists, virologists and the Government?
Or have we a generation whose ability to learn has been undermined by the corrupting influence of FaceBook ?

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Anti-Vaxxer Mother And Daughter Die From Covid

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