Can Someone Explain To Me What This Is All About?

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ToraToraTora | 15:13 Fri 17th Sep 2021 | News
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why would anyone want to take drugs to block puberty?


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From the link:

..hormone treatment "allows a young person time to consider their options and to continue to explore their developing gender identity before making decisions about irreversible forms of treatment".

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Perlease, seriously, so young people have "options" - un-effing-believable!
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I've seen enough, why are these things "legal" ?
The problem is... it isn't particularly healthy or safe to block puberty. And considering that puberty is much too late to make a difference, but also too early to make a decision... is there really a benefit to anyone?
because you voted to have the age of consent 16, TTT
16-18 is a special category

even in the seventies, thirteen year olds were having babies..... - so clearly they were making choices we knew nothing about

Just to clarify - hahaha this is AB !
The law on consent under 16 is different if it is consent to tmt ( like covid vacca) - you are judged to have the level of understanding for the procedure - brain surgery no, covid vacca.
Over the last week, the ministers have taken a lONG time to get to that ( Gillick competence)

The law on saying no - is a different set of cases
and the childs best interests come up again ( s1 Children Act 1989) so that the parents can over-rule depending on the seriousness etc blah blah blah IF it is in the best interests of the child

yeah - you didnt really want me to explain
age of the first period is coming down and may be as early as eight years
could be ..... estrogens added to chick-chick
phytoestrogens - plants churning out estrogen like mo;ecules

as someone else has pointed out
Ab wiv all duh "puhleasees "and foo's and
what dey all need dem for den - end of !
may not be a suitable forum but we have had a go
It's far easier to go through the gender reassignment process if secondary sexual characteristics haven't developed, it can reduce the numbers of operations a person would need, for example female to male wouldn't need bilateral mastectomy, and the general female or male 'shape" would not be established making hormone therapies more effective as the process would start from a neutral midpoint.
The problem comes when puberty comes earlier, before the concept of Gillick competency comes into play. Parents may block the choice of their son of daughter , which may in rare cases not be in their son of daughter's best interest. It's a difficult decision, but if it means a young person has more time to decide that they really are in the wrong body as it were then it may have a role in the care of these children who already have a horrendously difficult time.
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ladies, I still don't get it.
Parents happy for their kids to take drugs to block puberty but not the covid vaccine.
above ...... is a complete non sequitur
( different people, for those who ask, why?)
who really cares boys/girls girls/boys or something in between,,mental
The schools have been screwing up their heads, so now they don't know what they want to be.
Puberty blockers were developed as a medicine for young people who go through puberty too early (around the ages of 6 or 7) so that they can enter puberty years later at the desired point….

They can in some cases also be given to children with gender dysphoria to take so that if they wish to transition when they are a bit older they can start hormone replacement… there is a risk of things like osteoporosis if these are taken for too long which is why it is normally done in consultation with a medical professional. Used properly they are not harmful.
It’s a dangerously slippery slope that attracts far too much support. Few of us really know what we want when we're young.

//A 23-year-old woman who is taking legal action against an NHS gender clinic says she should have been challenged more by medical staff over her decision to transition to a male as a teenager. //
I have a right to do what I want with my own body, I know my own mind, I'm not stupid, it's NOT a phase, I demand treatment, why are you being obstructive...

It's all your fault.
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PP, why do you bother? I see your drivel and skip it, like most on here I have no idea what you write.
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rowan: "It's far easier to go through the gender reassignment process if secondary sexual characteristics haven't developed" - ok but surely that means any "reassignment" is based on no data?
Not really. It's based on the primary sexual characteristics

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Can Someone Explain To Me What This Is All About?

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