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One step back?
Lots more steps forward.
Freedom at last, maybe:-/
I think what a lot of remoaners don't get is that we know/knew their will be changes, we know some things will get worse we accepted that when we voted for self determination. That's the whole point we did not want to be bossed about by an unelected foreign protectionist socialist junta anymore and if that meant sacrifices initially then so be it. Why do remoaners find that so difficult to comprehend?
Very well put TTT.

I suspect the underlying problem is that many of them simply dont like change. They will look for the negative in everything that happens and will refuse to see the positive. It's not just Brexit either its any change.
If change is the reason for the opposition by some people to Brexit, the problem they also seem unable to grasp is that "no change" was never an option. The EU does not do the status quo.

If you think that's incorrect, look at the EEC (as it then was) in the 1980s and look at the EU now. There have been enormous changes in that organisation's influence on its member nations but they largely go unnoticed because the Euromaniacs' strategy is one of change "salami style." Each change is just a little step, so it can be fairly said "but it's scarcely any different to what we have now." But when examined end to end, the changes are very significant. There were two major step changes (Maastricht in 1992 and Lisbon in 2009). Certainly the second and arguably the first should have been put to a referendum as both involved profound changes to the UK's constitution. But there was always the risk that the wrong answer may have resulted. It wouldn't have mattered too much as both France and the Netherlands held a referendum and voted against Lisbon's predecessor - the "European Constitution".- in 2005. It resulted in that idea being ostensibly abandoned (but in fact simply relabelled as the Treaty of Lisbon). Neither country was afforded a referendum following that relabelling but Ireland held one (only because their constitution demanded it). Following an initial rejection the voters were asked again and eventually came up with the right answer.

The EU doesn't have a very good record when asked to abide by referendum results it does not like. The majority of Greek voters rejected conditions for a financial bailout from the EU (which was largely necessary because of Greece's EU membership and their adoption of the Single Currency). However, shortly afterwards the Greek government accepted a bailout with even harsher conditions than those that were rejected.

That's why it was so important that the result of our 2016 referendum was followed through, and even more important that we left and remain out. Anyone believing staying in the EU would see no change for the UK was every bit as deluded as the Remainers suggest those who voted to leave are.
I dont know what your work-a-day job is,NJ,but it sure isnt in exporting stuff to the EU.Up here in Aberdeen my business is barely striving to get by.We mostly export all our stuff(seafood mainly)to the EU.Since the beginning of this year-nothing.Now our main workers,mainly Polish or Lithuanian have all up and left.A lot of tears amongst my SNP Brexiteers.Their main cry is as usual-"we were lied to".
08.45 And that was a party politcal posting on behalf of the
A/B Brexit Party by its Chief Spokesperson TGT.
08.45 And that was a party politcal posting on behalf of the
A/B Brexit Party by its Chief Spokesperson TGT.

Said the illegitimate child of Angela Merkel ! Lol
//Up here in Aberdeen my business is barely striving to get by.//

Your company will have to sell it's stuff elsewhere then. Ever thought of trying to develop a bigger market in the UK? I wonder where the people who bought your fish previously are now getting theirs? It's unlikely to be from outside the EU as the EU does not like that sort of thing going on (hence why it's been made ridiculously difficult for you to sell to them). They were quite happy with your goods when the UK was part of their protection racket, so there could not have been too much wrong with them.

Your Eastern European employees must obviously believe the grass is greener in Poland or Lithuania. That's the trouble with foreign labour - it's so fickle. I really don't understand why a country should ever have placed so much reliance on foreign labour. I suppose it happened because we have had successive governments who have been quite content to pay people to sit on their Arisses all day, munching Hobnobs and watching the racing on Channel 4, whilst the hard pressed employers have to scour Europe for people to pick cabbages and gut fish. Never mind, it will all come out in the wash eventually.

I don't know what lies SNP voters were told about Brexit up there (Scotland's a bit of a closed book to me - went there a couple of times mainly to travel on trains). But as I keep saying, people should work on the assumption that all politicians tell lies. That way they are not disappointed. What they should never do is to cast their votes on the basis of what politicians - of any persuasion - have told them. They will always, always be let down.
13.22 ("We were lied to"),,,,, You are spot on again Ynnafymmi.
Hot off the press ... M&S pull out of a deal to sell sandwiches(and subs) to the Frogs.
If only we hadn't left! :-)
//Up here in Aberdeen my business is barely striving to get by.//

Why have the SNP walked out of negotiations to make Aberdeen a Freeport then? Thousands of jobs and billions in increased revenue spurned. Not a foreign worker needed either.
i am able and willing to take any/all/ crap the eu throw at us,being out is good

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