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so stores in France are having trouble getting stock? When did France leave the EUSSR?
So nothing to do with the european wide shortage of drivers then
Good to know
In reality the French are shooting themselves in the foot
Leaving their countrymen without jobs because they are being pedantic at the borders
Who are the real losers ?
Question Author
Err no; a British company is losing business due to Brexit.
...and the French are losing 11 stores worth of jobs. What is your point?

You're a Daily Mail reader.
Question Author
The Sunny uplands of Brexit
Not alone there, Hymie. I got some sad and frustrating news today about a UK firm affected badly by Brexit. :-(

Change your knickers time again, Roy...and no, I'm not a DM
Question Author
Even the company I work for has had significant additional costs due to Brexit – but the details are unlikely to make the national press; those costs may very well exceed that lost by M&S in the DM article.
do you think that continually looking for things to moan about is going to make us all repent and beg to rejoin?
They'll get over it. Meanwhile the UK can begin to realign its economy away from reliance on cheap imported labour (seems to be starting to work in the haulage industry) and away from dependence for trade on the protection racket that is the EU. And it will take time. You can't undo forty years of bad habits in nine months so it's silly to make a song and dance every time the "Sunny Uplands of Brexit" have not yet manifested themselves.
Question Author
Now the argument for leave appears to be to stop moaning at all the problems created by Brexit and wait for some unspecified time in the future, when they believe things will improve.

If this had been the Brexiteers slogan as the reason to vote leave, rather than the number on the side of a red bus and blue passports – I doubt if anyone would have voted for it.
well what are you hoping to achieve by cheery picking and moaning?
//Now the argument for leave appears to be to stop moaning at all the problems created by Brexit...//

It was inevitable that there would be problems following Brexit. Anybody believing otherwise is an idiot. Things will settle down. M&S will use the money they save running their shops there elsewhere. The Parisians will no longer have an M&S to shop from. A few French people will lose their jobs. None of it, absolutely none of it, is any justification for the UK to remain in an increasingly ridiculous bloc which will slowly but surely diminish in importance.
Question Author
At some point in time, even the most die-hard Brexiteers will come to realise what an unmitigated disaster Brexit is – I’m just hastening that point in time.
The UK economy is already showing signs of concern due to Brexit.
Consumers have been warned of sharp increases of prices this autumn on items such as Gas , electric ,petrol ,diesel,and food,as Brexit disruption ripples through the UK economy.
hymie, even if you are right what good will it do?
"cheery picking" , good idea, but seems beyond Brexit and Remainers unfortunately.

It will take time for all the advantages and disadvantages of the UK leaving the EU to manifest, and CoVID-19 and other 'externalities' / confounding variables, will make assessing developments suitably obscured.
I see no point in being negative, we must make the best of it.
No point at all in being negative I suppose, Seven, but when you see what you feared would happen happening you despair.
Folk who've built up a successful businesses employing many are now struggling even though they are not making the headlines for all to read.
That's sad, unfair and bloody difficult for those involved to make the most of.
//At some point in time, even the most die-hard Brexiteers will come to realise what an unmitigated disaster Brexit is//

Personally I see no evidence that it is an "unmitigated disaster." It is an opportunity to reset the country's economy on to a more realistic footing that will be more viable in the long term. That said, even if it was I would not regret my decision to vote to leave. You do not strive to keep the peace at any cost and our membership was at too great a cost.

The only misgivings I have is with the Northern Ireland protocol. It would work if the EU was pragmatic in its application but those who agreed to it should have realised that was never going to happen. A different solution must and will be found.
Oh deaqr, is there a shortage of sour grapes in your area Hymie?

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