Israel Rampage Deaths Dominos

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fender62 | 14:08 Fri 30th Apr 2021 | News
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why ar these religious festivals allowed at all, all the deaths and for what, same applies to the one in india hindu ganges bathing, thousands no masks, now look what the virus has done there
different circumstances but the result was the same. didnt notice any women at the israeli one?


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Israel has had the most successful vaccine programme, so covid restrictions are being reduced.
aren't they all supposed to have been vaccinated, the best programme in the world.... terrible event however. I was looking at this online, awful waste.
Woman are segregated at Jewish ceremonies. This happened in the male section.
Dreadfully sad.

Large tightly packed crowds have always scared me.
me too, i got sucked into a massive crowd one NYE and vowed never to go back and i never have.
Question Author
im not referring to the vaccine, but religious festivals with thousands gathering and sometimes dying, seems a total abandon of reason
the man in the sky did not step in and prevent the deaths, at any religious festivals at anytime where deaths occurre.
there is no man in the sky, except the astronauts on the ISS.
The same applied to India, where footage was shown just recently of thousands of people gathering, bathing in the ganges, a sacred river, and mobs at the cricket...
It matters not whether the crowd is formed at a religious gathering,a pop festival or a football match - large crowds can kill when things go awry.
as we have seen in UK.
/// large crowds can kill when things go awry. ///

Very true. And lessons should be learnt when it happens. The Hillsborough disaster for example, was followed by the change to all-seater football stadia in spite of the enormous reduction in capacity.

But I don't see these religious organisations rushing out to curb their mass pilgrimages/gatherings. They praise and encourage large turnouts of "the faithful".
A not uncommon occurrence at the haj pilgrimage to Mecca.
Why? Some god wills it I expect.

The faithful may be able to explain it fully but I doubt it.
// Why? Some god wills it I expect.//
yup when there was a big squash at mecca - 1000 I think
The King went on television and said - they wd have died wherever they were as it was Gods will

that doesnt stop the dead persons family coming after you with knives if you sort of zero someone ( run over, electrocute, inadvertently poison etc)
radio rental!
I remember being in the middle of the Nelson Mandela Concert at Wembley, there were 72,000 people there, and thinking how the hell would I get out if something happened. Lenny Henry made some quip about if you want the lavvy use the bloke in fronts pocket because there was no way you were getting through the crowd.

Israel allowed this because they have returned properly to Normal due to an excellent vaccination program, as they should.
Religious fanaticism at it’s worst!
I get claustrophobic in a tightly packed tube train and I've only ever been to one concert in my lifetime and that was enough.

A friend of mine wants me to go to Glastonbury but it's a no from me.
Tiggs - Glastonbury is brilliant. From the TV it looks jam packed but it's not really. At the back you can walk about freely.
Glastonbury - arent you a bit old for all this
Things like there are no bogs and so on ....
uuuggghgh watch on t' telly

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Israel Rampage Deaths Dominos

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