Israel Rampage Deaths Dominos

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fender62 | 14:08 Fri 30th Apr 2021 | News
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why ar these religious festivals allowed at all, all the deaths and for what, same applies to the one in india hindu ganges bathing, thousands no masks, now look what the virus has done there
different circumstances but the result was the same. didnt notice any women at the israeli one?


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Strange people in a strange place but tragic nonetheless.
No toilets? There are hundreds of them. The girls shepee toilets are spotless.
god sozza this is about Israel

Eavis has always done a good job in Glastonbury - most casualties are drugs. ( and some paeds )

Religion has got nothing to do with it. People have died at rock concerts and football matches in similar circumstances. Bad organisation and crowd control is at fault.
they had an italian leddy rabbi ( ultra orthodox - erk, how does that work?) explaining it radio 4 this am

men and women segregated, men perform, women watch.
Half a million usually, and so 100 000 was small and no one was expcting anything with the reduced numbers

makes ecksmas in St Peters sq, look like a vicars tea party

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Israel Rampage Deaths Dominos

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