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it's certainly Covid protocol. Funerals have been sparsely attended for the last year; why should the royals be any different?
Most airlines do not accept pregnant woman after 32 to 34 weeks of pregnancy so if Meghan is due May she would be advised not to fly.If Harry come alone he might not be able to get back for the birth due to quarantine requirements. Probably better for all if they stay away
This is just gutter press speculation designed to pander to it's gutter dwelling readers.
It’s about travelling, Jno, not actually attending the funeral. The rich and famous seem to be regularly jetting around the world in private planes .. maybe Harry will sort something out ... or maybe not.
what would be the point of travelling naomi, if it weren't to attend the funeral?
Jno is talking about restrictions on numbers attending funerals, bednobs, but that isn’t what this is about.
Prince Philip has asked for a very low key funeral and I believe that’s what he’ll be given because of the current situation
gawd the old fella has only been brown bread 5 minutes!
I’m sure all arrangements will have been discussed in depth privately,I also think he was released from hospital to spend his final days with the Queen, all funeral arrangements will have been made already
It's almost like the Express had the story waiting in the wings, isn't it!
ZM //It's almost like the Express had the story waiting in the wings//
As most newspapers would have had.
isn't it? What i am saying is if he can't attend a funeral because of restricted numbers anyway, there is no point "jetting round the world" to just not attend it from here. He may as well not attend from there :)
The OP uses the Express, danny, hence my reference to it.
Bedbobs. Up to 30
people are allowed to attend funerals. They’d probably find room for him among the immediate family.
Let’s not speculate.
// Up to 30 people are allowed to attend funerals. //

unless the mourned was a convicted terrorist?
Damned if they do, damned if they dont.
To some extent covid will make things easier, meaning it can be the quieter private funeral, must be easier for the Queen, and it did mean they had more of his final months without so many duties, shame he didn't make 100 though.
plans for his funeral will have been planned decades in advance. It’s called operation forth bridge. It’s likely that’s as covid has been around for a year operation forth bridge has contingency plans.

I do wonder WHEN the funeral will be tho... if it’s in more than ten days time then Harry may be able to return and do the quarantine.

It will be interesting to see how they will get by on the maximum of 30 people? I’m
Sure rules will
Be changed for this and if so it will be interesting how the populace reacts

Also it's probably best H & M didn't turn up. You just know if they did, the press would likely be more interested in them than Prince Philip. That won't be allowed to happen.
Im actually picturing Meghan having a temper tantrum that the spotlight isn’t on her right now!

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Harry Meghan May Miss The Funeral

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