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Tambo @21:03. How exactly is he "making it all about him"? The only person doing that is you as usual.
To be honest i am not really bothered any more.Up here in North-east Scotland he was widely respected,but just as a umbrella holder for her majesty. Queen Elizabeth is our heroine,leader,queen,friend,idol.For all us Scottish ABers.
//The current national lockdown rules on attending funerals mean services are allowed to go ahead with no more than 15 mourners.//

It's 30 at the moment, emmie. Has been all through the current lockdown. It will remain so following Step 2 next week and Step 3 due on 17th May.
Really ? as long as she stays away with her lies about our Royal family and her use of the race card to try and get what she wants. Harry was stupid taking notice of her. With his wealth he can pay any fines.
//..With his wealth he can pay any fines...//

Well that's allright then
Why not allow a few hundred there
I think it shows generosity and devotion to duty that he is coming over to say farewell to his grandad
a absent daughter in law must yearn for a father in law that had time for everyone

θάπτέ με ὅττι τάχιστα πύλας Ἀΐδαο περήσω. - bury me quickly so that I can pass the doors of Hades

(Iliad 23.79 ) - well I was reading it and thought it appropriate
'can' as in 'must' or 'will'
After the funeral, where everyone will be well behaved, then afterwards there will be a reception, which might go something along on these lines;
I thought Harry's statement showed piety and filial duty.
He has given generously - nay prolifically - to his family
far in excess of what one would expect

in short he is an example to all on AB

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Harry Meghan May Miss The Funeral

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