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One must wonder to what extent the two wannabes hastened the demise of HRH with their vulgar display of victimhood and self pity.

There's no 'must' about it, some will and some won't.

Being a parent means you worry and fret all your life about your offspring and then in turn their offspring - that's part of life once you choose parenthood.
^^ Err ... okay.

This whole thread is typical of AnswerBank nowadays. Nothing is going to stand in the way of an opportunity for some people to lay into Harry and Meghan.
"Lay into" is putting it mildly.
I can never understand expressing so much hate.
Miss the funeral? So they should the pair of self servings spite spreaders. Instigating World wide criticism, for monetary gain, of the very family and institution that has provided you with every advantage on American pulp TV. Knowing full well that his grandfather only had a few weeks to live that it would be deeply distressing to Her Majesty and Prince Philip himself, and yet despite that, despite the fact the Queen must have been in a state of deep distress, they proceeded to do an interview at which they attacked "the older members of the royal family". Britain really does not need them. Two Anglo Saxon words will suffice.
Agree Togo
Harry should be guided by the wishes of the family.

Meghan should follow her doctor's advice.
// Meghan should follow her doctor's advice.//
yeah Michael Jacksons doctor - he followed his wallet into prison innit? (his retainer whilst M Jackson lived was $100 000 / month)

was the duke of windsor given a day pass to attend his fathers funeral? George VI that is
He was the king's brother, not son, and yes, he did attend the funeral.
[email protected] - I agree
If that is a response to my post Peter, I have no idea what you are on about.
oops brother sozza
Christ on a bike. He's only been dead a few hours and they're already trying to make it about Megan and Harry.
erm well the title is
Harry n that woman may miss the funeral

Dook Dead is another thread.
-- answer removed --
If Harry attends the funeral he should do so unaccompanied and unobtrusively so as not to attract attention.
if he does that he will still attract 27 threads on AB.
I wouldn't be surprised that if, as it seems most on this thread hope, Meghan does not attend, they'll be an outcry from some stating that she considers herself too good to attend.
Looks like we were having similar thoughts there jno.

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Harry Meghan May Miss The Funeral

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